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UFO details report: I live in Calgary, Ab. and was just waiting for the city transit when I noticed some birds flying around. The sky was clear and I could see the out line of the birds etc. when I notice that one of the birds is stationary and looks like it is more silvery. I watch it for about 10 seconds and a older woman steps up beside me so, I pointed it out to her, (object still hadn't moved) but, all she saw was a bird before the bus pulled up. I enter the bus sitting by the window and watched the object for approx. 10 blocks before getting off. I walked across the street to look for the object but, was unable to see it anymore.size: guessing 20 feet across shape: couldn't tell because of sun reflection but,had no wings height: was maybe 1000 feet up(birds were high up and this was twice as high but,lower then jet that flew over it. Objects around: seagulls, one jet Felt: excited, pissed that I did get picture or video length and time: sighting lasted maybe 10 mins was about 12pm 06/20/15 direction: was facing north it was over city.


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