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The witness writes:

"We live on an acreage between Edmonton and Beaumont just 3 km south of the Anthony Henday. On Tuesday, March 3rd at 6:45 (Dusk), I was walking to the barn, and heard what sounded like a military helicopter.  I could see two lights (one white in the front and a flashing red in the back) moving very slowly towards me from the southwest, travelling northeast.The lights moved very slow and in sync as if they were one. As they approached, the noise was louder and the lights were brighter, but I could not make out any aircraft, only the lights. It hovered over our acreage, and at one point I thought I could see a force field between the lights, almost like something was invisible. At this point I was terrified and went in the barn feeling this was not of this world or something experimental. After a few minutes, it moved slowly forward again, northwest, I ran to the house to get my husband. He was sure it as a helicopter, he said the house shook, but never saw it. By the time he came outside, he only saw the slow moving lights now a mile away. Three of our neighbors in a one mile radius, at the same time, saw the lights, heard the noise, had similar theories of the lights being in sync, sounding like a military helicopter and some vision of the lights being joined or one, but maybe a line between. All neighbors indicated it was weird and do not know what they witnessed."


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