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Edmonton February 22nd 2015 12:33pm Duration 45mins


ufo details report: My boyfriend called me outside because he had seen a small far away light in the sky move very deliberately. We were facing due south, pretty well. He first noticed it about two inches left, and a half inch up from Sirius, using his fingers at arms length and a tree for perspective, He said it then moved half an inch (right to left) very fast, and stopped. It paused for a second, then moved another half inch straight up, leaving a faint white light trail which disappeared almost immediately. Paused again for a short moment, then moved another half inch right to left, paused, and moved another half inch straight up and stopped. This leaving the same light trail, but brighter and remaining visible for about ten seconds before disappearing. The light/object then made a large, semi-arced movement from right to left, covering about six inches laterally, and two inches higher up from the horizon. It then began making small quick movements up down left and right, but in no obvious order, and seemed to stay for a set time before shifting upward diagonally, right to left, leaving a barely visible light trail which again disappeared once it stopped. Then started making the small random movements again, in what now seemed a set area. Same pattern for the next 10 minutes approx; small movement set, upward diagonal shift to next area, repeat. After roughly ten minutes of this behaviour, the light/ object had covered another 8 inches approx., right to left, and had risen another 3.5 inches. At which time we witnessed a meteor/ shooting star, breaching about 3 inches to the left of the object, and about level with it, laterally. At this point the object stopped its movements? We only saw the one meteor, and I went inside shortly after that to check and see what the light/object might have been. My bf stayed outside for a while longer, and said that the object had started moving again, still erratically, but left to right this time. He then came inside.He went back out a couple of times after that to check on it. First he waited ten minutes, and then twenty. He noticed the object covered about 2 inches left to right with its pattern in ten minutes, and almost exactly double in the twenty minute span. We went back out another ten minutes after that and it was gone from where we had last seen it. He thinks he may have seen it overhead the last time he went outside, but can't be sure as there was nothing to offer a sure perspective of movement.


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