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New Norway UFO Report October 12, 2014

UFO details report: Date & Time: Oct. 12, 2014 from 5:39pm MST to 6:05pm Location: New Norway, Alberta, Canada. At first an object that looked like a bright planet appears above my Internet Dish North of me.Approximate in the position of where the North Star is located in the night sky.The sun is just setting and the sky is still deep blue. There are no Stars or Planets visible yet.My first thought is that it is an airplane landing light coming toward us but it is moving to slow.I get my sister, my daughter and my wife to come and look. I get my Canon Rebel T5i Camera with a 250mm Lens and start to take pictures. After about 15 min. it has moved towards us to the south only about 5 degrees. It is getting bigger and brighter as it gets closer.My sister and I stay and keep watching. My daughter and wife return to the house.Suddenly my sister and I see the object make a small jump in motion. Like a small ”s” curve. Now I am convinced that we are watching some thing unusual.About 5min later it appears to turn on its side dimming in brightness and splits into 5 smaller objects that travel downward dipping into the earths shadow and disappears. My sister is excited to finally see a UFO, I have had several experiences since I was a young child. It seems to be putting on a show for us.I have 15 photos of this object, 4 of them are of the 5 smaller objects.

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