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ufo details report: I was about 11years old. My very first sighting. I was visiting my grandma's place in the summer of 1988 or 87 its been a while but I will never forget what I saw . Goodfish Lake Alberta. It was a calm summer evening about 1100pm I remember this because my late grandma chased us to bed at about ten pm and my 2 other cousins one older and one my age. well we sneak out of the bedrooms into the living room quietly to turn on TV for a short while with the volume low so our grandma wouldn't wake up or we would've been in some trouble. so here the real story is I was bored of TV while the other two still watching TV I went into bedroom with the window I opened breathing in some nice summer country air which I still love. outside you can hear frogs croaking as usual no traffic noise at all . I just had looked up above the trees pretty clear night ..and then I notice one orange /reddish light glowing and was interested why it was hovering and why it was quite no frogs either croaking.. I say to my cousin's come see this they came we all looking outside at this time there was three identical lights in a triangular pattern ..they seem to rise up n down but keeping a triangular cousins watched only a couple mins..then lost interest I was in a state of curiosity. I watched for about ten mins I wanted to wake my grandma ..but kinda thought we would be in trouble for not sleeping I didn't wake her.I still gazed till was right above the house ..I then said to my cousins come look again they didn't really show interest I really amazed look back out the window and it was gone out of my sight loud noise vanished I closed window and told my cousin come to bed ..didn't want to sleep alone.

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