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The witness writes:

On Friday Sept 21 2013 I too was driving from Yellowknife to Vernon AB and just south of the Keg River/Mackenzie highway junction and witnessed a similar sight,

The moon was almost full but there was a hazy cloud cover which provided a dull blanket of light upon everything alongside me as I drove.

Suddenly the light within the interior of the vehicle became much brighter but because I was already aware there were no vehicles trailing me or in front of me, for a split second I thought I must have turned an interior light on, then I immediately noticed the environment outside of the car was lit up like daylight but I couldn't determine the light source, until I looked due east (to my left) and to my utter astonishment witnessed what appeared to be a black object in flames no more than 1000 feet above the trees - travelling eastbound.

So close was the object that I could make out its black mass and distinctly see the orange and red flames which encapsulated it, as well as it's distinct vapour trial which lingered it the air leaving a constant trail as well as 4-5 perfectly round puff balls of smoke along its wake.

Though I was traveling during the entire encounter my field of view was such that I witnessed its trajectory for approximately 2 full seconds before it was too far behind me to turn my head around.  I kept looking left expecting to see/hear evidence of a ground impact, but nothing of the sort occurred.

After recounting the event constantly for the rest of my 20 hour journey, a couple of things were particularly peculiar to me.

1. The object's trajectory was nearly horizontal. Judging from its path it didn't seem to me that an impact was imminent, though I had no sight of it whatsoever from the right where it should have been coming from.  It seemed like it came directly downward over the vehicle initially.

2. The object seemed to be moving quite slow for something burning up due to entry into earths atmosphere, I could clearly see the flames licking around it.

I had the stereo turned up quite loud, but headless to say it was a quiet ride alone for several hours after the even, as I gathered my thoughts and carefully scanned the skies for other potential targets...ha ha.

By far the most profound thing I've ever witnessed and actually wish I hadn't, as it was far too up close and personal for me.

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