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The following report was sent into us in April 2010, but the initial events that are described happened in the mid-1970s.


"There are 2 incidents that I recall. The first, I was walking across a golf course with my little sister. We were going to buy our parents some cigarettes, and cutting across the golf course was a short cut to and from the store. On our way back, again we cut across the end of 2 holes of the golf course. While in the middle of the crossing, a very deafening mechanical sound surrounded us. We hit the ground and I covered my little sister with my body, to protect her. The last thing I remember is telling her I would protect her. The next thing we knew, it was over. We found ourselves walking home and still on the golf course. When we got home, we must have looked like we saw a ghost to our mother as she asked us what happened? Why did we take so long? she was having a nicotine fit and we took over 2 hours to do a 20 minute round trip (by foot it was 20 minutes max) Sherwood Park Alberta, Late summer of 1975 or 76. Aproximately 7:00pm (an hour after supper) we arived home well after 9:00pm.


Since that date, I have suspected I have been followed or tracked. I have always felt "they", whomever they were were constantly coming back and taking me away, but always while I am sleeping. That is when the second thing happened to me. I was having an afternoon snooze on my couch. I drifted off into a very deep sleep. Then, all of a sudden, I felt like I was restrained, arms beside my body. Like I was not yet supposed to wake up for a few more minutes, or maybe even seconds. I was in a dark, but not black ... area. I saw no one, I was just frightened about being restrained and paralized. One may say, if I were paralized, how would I come to know I was restrained? I cant answer that, I just knew I was restrained. The next thing I knew, I was back in my home but not on the couch, I was some feet above it, eyes wide open and still paralized I was somehow lowered onto the couch. A split second after I hit the couch I was able to move. Whatever it was that lowered me exited out the top corner of the room and seemingly pulled the corner of the house outward as it were made of rubber or was plastic. As the corner snapped back, it had gone back and forth 2 or 3 times like a rubber band would when tension was released from it.


I could not believe what I saw. as I mentioned, my eyes were wide open as I was lowered to the couch and watched the "spatula exit the home", it was only then that I took a deep breath and moved my arms. I could not speak. I wanted to call out while being lowered but could not.This happened in Ontario in 2006. Again in the summer and mid-afternoon. I have read when people awaken before some motor skills part of the brain kick in, one may find one's self paralized. Ok, I'll buy that but what the heck was the levitation and lowering of my body and then the rubber ceiling thing all about? My eyes were open from when I found my body 4 feet over the couch. I have suspected I have been taken away and returned many many times, but have almost no recollection of the events."


Our thanks and appreciation goes out to the witness for having the courage to share these experiences with us. The events that have been described are not unusual in comparison to others who feel they have interacted with aliens or other worldly beings including the appearance of an elastic band like effect, and the altering of a roof or ceiling. Although we never may know with 100% certainty what is the true cause of these experiences, by sharing them we can reassure others who are experiencing something similar that they are not alone, and that these events may span entire lifetimes.

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