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Fort McMurray, Alberta July 27th 2008  Approx. 3pm

My sister, her mother in-law and myself had picked up my mother from Edmonton and were heading back the next day back to Fort McMurray.  My mother was driving my truck and I was in the passenger seat.  My sister and her mother in-law were in the back seat.(my sister directly behind me.)  We were about 2 hours outside of Fort McMurray.  I was looking out the window next to me and I thought I was looking at a helicopter but looking more closely I could see that it was a small airplane like a 4 seater.  The strange thing was that it looked like it was just hanging there.  I thought maybe it was just an optical illusion of some sort.  Then I noticed another airplane further ahead and this one was really close to the ground and it was just frozen in the air like the other one!.  Because it was closer to the ground I am certain that what I saw was a airplane frozen in the air.  As I am thinking this, I am about to bring it everyone's attention to it in the car when all of a sudden my sister pips out,  "look at those airplanes, it's just as if their stuck in the air!"  And the highway we were on was straight at that time and the area was all trees and little rolling hills farther back and we watched it the whole time we passed and they didn't move and i looked for other things around it on the ground and we couldn't explain it.  It was weird.  I'm curious if anyone reported this because there is always lots of traffic on highway 63.  This happened July 27.

Our thanks to the witness for sharing this experience with us.