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UFO Sightings, Visitations, and Related Experiences

Written by Julie Pittonet

Are people who think about UFOs more likely to see them?  Are UFOs compelled to appear to certain individuals who have an interest in the subject?  It seems that many UFO witnesses, especially those with a history of recurring sightings, report a sense of connection either consciously or psychically with what they observe.  With this in mind one is led to wonder, if there is a way to encourage sightings to happen.  Can accessing certain states of consciousness help to facilitate encounters with UFOs/aliens?  This is a subject that has been studied extensively by famous researchers of Ufology.  Sometimes however the link between consciousness and UFO sightings is discovered unexpectedly.  Such is the case of Michael Garneau of Metcalfe Ontario.

Michael 38, has had an interest in the subject of Ufology for many years.  In 2006, he began meditating as a method of reducing stress after extremely busy and stressful days at work.   At that time, Michael studied the principles and methods adhered to by the advocates of the practice of meditation, Robert Bruce and Robert Monroe.  He began to experience various phenomena such as brief but very clear out of body experiences.  While he was living in an apartment in Ottawa he would regularly sense a presence in the room with him.  These phenomena did not occur during meditation specifically; however the meditation seemed to foster these other metaphysical energies and abilities.  Michael went on to discover the work of Pete Bernard an Algonquin shaman in 2007.  Peter Bernhard’s methods of breathing and focusing exercises were helpful for Michael.  

In the spring and summer of 2007, Michael began meditating with a friend, just outside of Luskville Quebec.  The individual that Michael was working with, wanted to specifically try to use meditation in the context of contacting UFOs.  Their meditation at that time was based upon the principles laid out by Steven Greer.  During the sessions of meditation together, they were rewarded with actual UFO approaches and responses.  During one incident in particular they witnessed many flashes in the sky and they saw an object with a strobe light.  This object was very bright and had a ‘greenish white’ light to it.  Michael found that once he had the thought that it was too unusual appearing to be an aircraft, all of the lights on it went out and it was instantly no longer visible.

Following his initial success, Michael from 2007-2011 spent a lot of time reading and talking with experts on the subject of meditation.  He became very interested in the works of Whitley Streiber and the ideas built upon his many years of encounters with beings of unknown origin.  Michael asserts that he is in no way certain why his experiences have unfolded they way that they have.  He is more or less approaching all of it as an experiment, into the possibility of making contact with energies or entities not seen in the every day realm and is making many amazing discoveries along the way, which he wishes to share with others who are interested in these concepts.

The Ottawa Valley has a long history of UFO sightings and related phenomena going back to the times when only First Nations were present.  It is a beautiful and varied landscape, rich in rock formations and natural structures.  Michael now lives in Metcalf which is a small distance southeast of Ottawa.  He began meditating in the local wooded area around his home after moving to Metcalf in the fall of 2011.  He continued to use the methods of Steven Greer.  He has found that Greer’s methods have consistently demonstrated curious and anomalous demonstrations, by forces unknown, during both inside meditation and that done while out of doors. He has experienced many unexplained sounds in the woods surrounding him during his meditations.  In the summer of 2012, he witnessed a distinct orb which was orange with red edges.  He discovered that at times brief lights would appear in the sky after impressions had suddenly come into his mind.  Something else that happens to Michael is the experiences of ‘flashes’ while being in bed.  It would be comparable to the vision one would have if a photo was taken in a dark room with a flash.  Michael’s eyes would be closed and this would suddenly happen.

Michael feels very curious as to the significance of the flash experience and wonders if it perhaps represents the beginning or end of an encounter with beings perhaps of the type known to interact with Whitley Streiber or those of Budd Hopkins’ case studies.

Michael hopes to continue to having experiences and wants to promote these concepts because he believes that there is the possibility of gaining more knowledge of who or what could be interacting with those individuals who experience the wonder of these types of encounters.  His interest in ufology was greatly boosted when he began to meditate and have encounters himself.  He is hopeful that others will also try meditation for fostering encounters and perhaps themselves be rewarded with the kind of experience that will create a curiosity in them, like it did for him.

Webmaster's note: Our thanks to the witness for sharing his experiences with us. We have altered his name for publication of this article in order to protect his privacy.