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Written by Albert S Rosales

Examining encounters with pseudo-vehicles and other strange things on roadways and expressways throughout the world. What are we to make of incidents describing flying cars, driverless cars, cars with no wheels and other bizarre details? Can these ‘vehicles’ be considered UFOs? Are they Interdimensional wayfarers? Or perhaps time travelers from the future or maybe the distant past? Besides the strange contraptions a more bizarre component is the occupants of some of these ‘cosmic cars’ and pseudo vehicles which sometimes accompany them. These events have been placed under the UFO umbrella perhaps by puzzled researchers that did not know what to make of these. But maybe they belong in a total different category one clearly fantastic and of the highest strangeness category. I will examine some of these events, many perhaps never before seen by students of the UFO phenomenon, I will not attempt to find a solution and I will leave to the readers to come up with their own conclusions.


Albert S. Rosales

September 16 2012



Figure 1. Futuristic looking DeLorean, would a flying vehicle look like this?

Writing for the pulp magazine “Exploring the Unknown” more specifically the August 1961 issue (Vol. 2 nr 3) on page 71 Ben Berkey writes about “flying automobiles” reportedly seen one by an Ohio housewife in 1959 and another one by an executive on the Pennsylvania Turnpike, both witnesses claimed they were driving behind the normal appearing 1959 vintage type vehicles when suddenly the drivers stepped on the gas and both vehicles appear to rise more than six inches above the pavement and disappear from sight, both incidents apparently occurred during 1959-1960. According to Berkey there were other rumors of flying vehicles and even inquiries made to the Ohio Turnpike patrol that dismissed them as unfounded rumors. There was even another ‘rumor’ of an accident regarding a sort of wing-tailed automobile that literally flew into the side of a tractor trailer, again on the Ohio Turnpike. Aeronautical scientists denied that there were cars capable of such a thing and speculated that it could have been a ‘regular’ accident involving a high speeding automobile. Whatever the case nothing else was heard about these ‘flying car’ incidents, at least that I know off.

Even stranger, in the classic study “The Humanoids” on page 22, Charles Bowen writes about a case from the lonely Costwold Hills in December 1965 in which a motorist reported being overtaken by an object shaped like a Land Rover, traveling at a high rate of speed without headlights, side lights, or rear lights, and only a sort of winking light on top. When the astounded driver flashed his headlights and tried to give chase, the object just disappeared ‘in a cloud of mist or smoke’.

The following report is from experienced Canadian Ufologist Christ Rutkowski quoting the 1987 Canadian UFO Report:

In Northern Manitoba, sometime in August of 1987 an Anglican priest was driving on a highway and came upon a dark “van” with no windows or headlights, with only small “Christmas lights” around it. It was in his lane, traveling in the same direction as he was going. The priest signaled and pulled over to pass. As he passed it, the “van” suddenly vanished into thin air. One has to ask why would an Anglican priest make up such a bizarre tale? A vanishing van? a real UFO would have been more believable.

But weird cars or automobiles are not the only strange oddities reported on our world’s roadways, we have cosmic motorcycles too!

The following report was narrated to me by one of the surviving witnesses who seemed sincere and genuinely still puzzled about the incident which had occurred years before:

In the summer of 1954 one late night a family of vie, including identical twins Gayle & Dave Rayburn were driving on the Alcan Highway somewhere in Northern Yukon when some lights approached from behind their vehicle. Soon two single-wheeled vehicles, silvery metallic in appearance passed their car at very high speed. On each of the vehicles sat a human-like figure that wore a metallic helmet. The vehicles had a single bright light on the front and were completely silent. They were soon lost in the distance. A similar case would surface 2 years later in France:


Figure 2. The Cosmic Motorcyclists at Ceret

On August 22 1956, at around 11:50 a.m. at a location between Le Boulu and Ceret a Ms. Porta, riding a moped, was passed by 2 enormous, absolutely silent motorcycles, appearing nickel plated, each carrying 2 passengers dressed in fawn colored satin, with boots & “closely sealed helmets.” They stopped, blocking the road, & as she squeezed past they looked at her; their faces were totally hidden by big smoked visors. Ten yards further on, she looked back; but they had vanished without a sound. Two almost identical cases coming from completely different parts of the world, and completely different witnesses. This case is from M. Vidal, in FSR Vol. 15 # 6.

The following case did not take place on a roadway but in does definitely involves a bizarre car-like device.

Fortean researchers, Janet & Colin Bord outlined the case in their classic work, “Modern Mysteries of Britain”:

One night in the year 1940 in a small village called Kilkhampton, Cornwall, England, three girls were sleeping together in a bedroom when they were awakened by a noise. One heard a buzzing sound the others music and bells, when they all looked out the window they saw a little man riding around in circles in a tiny red “car-like” device. The little man had a white beard and wore a red drooping pointy hat. Of course it could have been just little girl’s imagination but why make it up 20 years later after it allegedly took place?

Now we enter into another realm, one that includes more of a supernatural slant and breaks through into super high strangeness territory.


Figure 3. Telly Savalas


Telly Savalas famous encounter with the black Caddilac and Harry Agannis. The Following narrative has been compiled from various sources but the main one is John Keel “Our Haunted Planet”.


The location was somewhere in Long Island, New York and the date was June 26 1955 one late night:

Telly Savalas, the famous character actor, told Hollywood reported Dick Kleiner a weird story involving a black Cadillac. It happened when Savalas was young and flat broke. His car ran out of gas on Long Island, and after he started walking, a black Cadillac “seemed to appear from nowhere,” and the driver offered him a lift. The driver was dressed entirely in white---a refreshing switch---and said very little. But at one point he offered Savalas a dollar to buy some gas. The actor insisted that he man write down his name and address on a slip of paper so he could be repaid. They found a gas station, and the driver waited while Savalas bought a can of gasoline. Then they drove back to his own car in silence.

“I know Harry Agannis,” the driver said suddenly, Savalas asked who Harry Agannis was. “He’s a utility infielder for the Boston Red Sox,” the man answered. That was the end of the conversation. The man waited while Savalas poured the gasoline into the car, gave him a push to get him started, and then drove off with a wave. The next day Savalas was shaken by newspaper headlines announcing the sudden death of Harry Agannis He decided to call the phone number on the slip of paper given to him by the man in the white suit. It was in Massachusetts, and a woman answered. Savalas told her he wanted to speak to Bill, the name on the paper. There was a pause, and another woman came on the line. “I just met Bill last night,” Savalas began, ‘and something happened, and I wanted---“

“You met him last night?” she interrupted, choking on sudden tears. Then she told him that her husband Bill had been dead for three years. Later she met with Savalas in New York and told him that her husband had been buried in a white suit. She showed him the last letter her husband had written, and he was startle to see that the handwriting exactly matched the handwriting on the slip of paper given him by the Cadillac driver[asr1] .

Make what you will of the incident, Savalas spoke about during numerous interviews and never changed his story. Of course all UFO enthusiasts know about the three men in black and their famous ride, (in most cases) a black Cadillac. The following report comes from official government sources from the United Kingdom; it involves three men in black in their peculiar mode of transportation:


According to U.K. Department of Defense Documents (DEFE24/20991/1 page 471). The date appears to have been sometime in September 2006 one early morning. The main witness was at his friend’s who had apparently had encountered a UFO on an earlier occasion and was debating whether to report it to the authorities or not. His friend (the UFO witness) had just gone to bed and the witness was using the downstairs toilet when he suddenly heard the back door to the house being tampered with. He silently peered through the gap of the in the toilet room door and saw 3 tall men standing in the doorway.  They seemed to move silently. They were tall, broad individuals with dark hair, wearing black suits, white shirts and black ties. They went upstairs to the friend’s room. At this point the witness was very scared thinking they were robbers. He followed them as silently as possible. They were talking to his friend about something in his bedroom that he couldn’t quite hear. He then crept away and locked himself in the bathroom, petrified. After 5 minutes he came out of the bathroom. The men seemed to have left. He looked out the window and saw the three men leaving in what appeared to be a black Jaguar. He then asked his friend what it had all been about as they appeared not to have stolen anything. However his friend didn’t recall anything to do with seeing any “men in black”. Perhaps these three preferred to travel from their dimension to ours in black Jags instead of black Cadillacs.

During the month of July 1972 a bizarre series of little known but very strange events took place in and around the Spanish village of Cervia de les Garrigues, province of Lerida.

The first report involved one, Luis Manresa who was returning on foot to the village at around 13:00 one day during the middle of July when he noticed in the distance what appeared to be a sort of “tractor” that appeared to be abandoned at a crossroads. The apparent agricultural vehicle of decidedly anomalous aspect remained still for about 10 minutes while in view of Mr. Manresa. Later that afternoon, intrigued about the strange aspect of the “tractor” he returned to the crossroads where it had been ‘parked’ but only found a strange flattened circle of grass on the ground about 3 meters in diameter.

The second report, also around the middle of July, involved a woman named Antonia Marti who was collecting ground snails near the village when she saw on passing on the nearby road a strange looking “Seat 600” type vehicle whitish-gray in color and lacking any visible driver. The strange pseudo-car also lacked glass on its window and had what appeared to be a shiny celluloid type material instead, it emitted a sound much quieter than a conventional vehicle. It disappeared in the distance after rounding a curve.

A third report, also said to have taken place in the middle of July involved taxi driver Jose Rue Ferre who was traveling at around 18:00 near the village on the Borjas Blancas Road when he saw at about 700 meters away a silvery object about 3 meters in width that appeared to be sitting on a steep almost inaccessible embankment. After briefly losing sight of the object he rounded a curve and when he looked to where the strange object had been it had completely vanished.

A fourth report, also during the middle of July involved father and son, Ramon and Jose Cami, respectively as one morning they were headed to a field about 4 kilometers from the village to collect some olive leaves bundles near the Borjas Blancas Road. They reportedly saw at about 30 meters away next to bundles of olive leaves bundles they were supposed to collect a strange object about 3 meters in length which they initially mistook as a tractor. The strange tractor had a reddish central section semi-circular in appearance and on each side it had other smaller semi-circular spheres greenish blue in color. As their truck negotiated a very tight curve they briefly lost sight of the strange object and once they left the curve behind they stopped their truck and quickly ran out to get a closer look at the object. According to the men no more than 10 seconds had gone by but the object was now nowhere in sight. They inspected the ground where they object had been very closely but failed to find any traces. They also searched the rest of the farm ground but nothing was found.

The last recorded event was on July 16 1972 at around 09:00 a.m. when brothers Jose and Miguel Farre were on their way in their car to a property they owned about 3 kilometers from the village close to Borjas Blancas. Suddenly they saw in the distance a strange vehicle about 4 meters long which they thought was a car. It was silvery in color and was moving very slowly towards them. They estimated that they would come face to face with the strange object with at about 100 yards ahead, but this never happened, the figure had apparently vanished into thin air. They also failed to locate any traces at the site where they had seen the anomalous object. (1) Translation by Albert S. Rosales

Whatever had been roaming the countryside of Lerida during July of 1972 appeared to have been able to attempt to camouflage itself into conventional earthly machines and if need be it would disappear in an instant. No explanation was ever found.

The following report appears involve the disappearance of a ‘normal’ looking vehicle and its occupants in plain sight of witnesses, this is also from John Keel, “Our Haunted Planet”.

On March 4 1964 near Kanamachi, Japan, daytime

A leading Japanese newspaper, ‘Mainichi’ carried an unbelievable story about an automobile disappearing in full view of a crowded highway. The reporting witnesses were three officials of the Fuji Bank on their way to the golf course at Ryugazaki. As they drove outside of Kanamachi, they said they saw a black car ahead of them going in the same direction. Aside from the driver, they could see an elderly man in the back seat reading a newspaper. “Suddenly a puff of something gaseous, like white smoke or vapor, gushed from somewhere around the black car, and when this cloud dispersed, (a matter of not more than five seconds), the black car had vanished,” the newspaper account said. The trio of witnesses were so shaken by the incident that they stopped and reported it to the police.

The source does not describe the make or model of the vehicle only that it was a ‘black’ car nevertheless it is an interesting tale which has been circulating around Forteans and UFO enthusiasts for years.


Figure 4. Perhaps something similar to this is what the Filipino witnesses saw.


The next event that I am going to outline is also a series of events of an object which was not necessarily seen on the road but was confused by witnesses as a ‘conventional’ car. The source of the reports was a Filipino military man who was also a member of A.P.R.O. his name was Col. Aderito de Leon. All three events occurred on the same day and in the same location only hours apart:

First incident: Near Baras Rizal Province Philippines

Date: November 1 1968                                Time: 04:00 a.m.

A Filipino farmer saw an object with a red light land 100 yards away, making a hiss like an arc welder. He went out with a flashlight and encountered a white object “the size of a Volkswagen” with small wheels and 6 big exhaust tubes in the rear. Through a transparent canopy he saw two occupants wearing white coveralls, with earphones on their heads; they looked like “ordinary Caucasians.” As he approached, the object moved forward with a roar, and then took off vertically without making as much noise. It was not reported if traces were found at the site.

Second event:  Near Baras Rizal Province Philippines

Date: November 1 1968                                Time: 06:00 a.m.

The second encounter in this series occurred two hours later when another farmer, who was walking to Baras, “felt” an object land behind him. He saw apparently the same craft, with wheel, and occupied by the same two individuals. He ran to the mayor of the town to report the encounter.

The third event: Near Baras Rizal Province Philippines

Date: November 1 1968                                Time: 11:00 a.m.

The third encounter was made by another farmer, bicycling near the site of the first reported incident. He saw the same “strange car” downhill from his position. As he coasted down toward the object on his bike, he saw two men; one, outside the object “looking around,” was “very tall,” and looked like a normal Caucasian; the other was inside the object. Both wore white coveralls and what appeared to be earphones. He stopped at about 20 yards past the object, looked back, and saw the man outside the object watching him. He was undecided as to whether he should go back and speak to him, but the man then got into the vehicle and, with a roar, it moved up the hill and then ascended silently into the sky.

What did the witnesses see? A helicopter?, I am assuming that Colonel De Leon was familiar with helicopters and felt these objects were anomalous enough to be investigated within the UFO context, also no propellers were ever reported by the witnesses.

The next report comes from the great late African UFO researcher Cynthia Hind from her book “UFOs, African Encounters”

On August 17 1975 at around 18:00 near Shabani, Zimbabwe

Two men traveling near the Ngesi River along an isolated strip of road saw what appeared to be a bus shaped object heading towards town. The witnesses approached the object and noticed that the object was domed with large panoramic windows and black pillar type objects inside. Inside there appeared to be two human like figures, one seated and the other standing. The object emitted a very strong white light from inside. It suddenly turned a corner and apparently vanished into thin air.

Again an object at first confused for a bus that was apparently able to disappear at will.

And then there are cases that are so bizarre and absurd in nature that they belong to a totally different category, either outright hoaxes there are indeed more things in heaven and earth than in our dreams!

This totally unbelievable event comes to us from Anne Jablonicky in article from UFO Universe November 1988:

The location given by Ms. Jablonicky is Minnesota, however no specific city or town is provided.

The date was November 1975 during the evening:

A couple was driving towards town when the man stopped at a payphone to make a phone call. As he was about to enter the booth a large black Cadillac pulled up in front and blocked his path. A man jumped out of the Cadillac pushed the witness aside and grabbed the phone receiver. The witness left and drove to another payphone location, as he neared it, the same black Cadillac appeared and drove the couple into a ditch. The same man as before jumped out of the black Cadillac and ran towards the payphone. This bizarre scenario was repeated a third time. At this point the couple began chasing the black Cadillac down the highway when incredibly right in front of their eyes the Cadillac rose up into the sky and disappeared.

The black Cadillac is again featured in the above report.

The next case involves first a UFO sighting and then an encounter with a strange vehicle and its occupants, this time the vehicle was not a black Cadillac:

The incident took place in Notre-Dame-du-Laus, Quebec, Canada one night late November 1975:

A 44-year old Royal Canadian Air Force Sergeant was returning home from visiting his in-laws with his wife, 14-year old son and 11-year old daughter. He was about half way home on Highway 309 and entering a highway intersection when he was suddenly cut off by a strange vehicle. He was driving south. The strange vehicle came from the east after crossing a bridge over the Lievre River. It turned right and narrowly missed hitting the witness’s vehicle. It was a dark misty rainy night and the village street was completely deserted. His wife kept saying repeatedly, “What is it? What is it?” The object was a round metallic disc with no windows, lights or bumpers and no wheels. He started chasing it. The faster he drove the faster it went. Two minutes later they were out of the hamlet and rushing south on Highway 309, the faster the witness went the faster the object went and it started to wobble, veering right and left. On each side of the road there was a large deep trench with a high embankment topped with a wire fence miles long. The UFO attempted to fly off the road, wobbling barely over the fence and then collapsed back on the road ahead of the witness. He was by then going over 100 mph when it suddenly veered to the left entering into a narrow dirt road. The object had the width of one and a half highway lanes and the height would be about the height of the witness’s car hood. It was totally silent. By now they were all shaken and the kids totally speechless. He made a formal report to the National Research Council of Canada. The following weekend since they were so shook up, they decided to tell the whole family in Notre-Dame-du-Laus about their “adventure”, that Sunday night when they were crossing the village of Notre Dame La Salette they were all thinking about last weekend and thank God everything seemed normal. However, a mile down the road after exiting the village, he noticed a parked Pontiac on the roadside. The car seemed occupied but had no headlights on. His wife suggested that he stopped the car and see if the occupants needed assistance. He parked the car directly in front of the Pontiac, got out and headed toward the car. It was totally dark and he could barely make out what was inside. He rapped on the driver side front door window asking, “Are you alright? Do you need any help?” No reply. He rapped on the right side door window again on both left front and rear windows. No movement. So he peered deeply with both his hands cupped on each side of his brow trying to look inside. His hair stood right up on end. Inside there were four dark human shaped passengers with black trench coats and raised collars staring straight ahead. He managed to get enough courage to repeat, “Are you alright? Do you need any help?” Finally he perceived that the nearest passenger seemed to slightly nod his head as a “Yes”. He then slowly turned around and headed toward his car. Suddenly the Pontiac headlights lit up, the motor revved up and the witness thought he was going to die. However the car veered on to the road and zoomed down the highway and coincidently (?) it turned left entering the strange dirt road that last week’s UFO disappeared into. (2)

This next incident describes an extremely bizarre creature that was seen entering a black car which disappeared into a dead end street, sounds familiar?

Sometime in January of 1980 at night in Woodstock Ontario Canada:

The two witnesses were driving down a road when a strange figure ran up to their car. The figure ran zigzagging all over the roadway and acted as if injured. The being’s face was apparently scarred and his cheekbones protruded out. It had fangs that came down from its mouth and there was blood dripping from them. The being was about 6-foot tall, thin but well built, had had scraggly or tore up clothing and his eyes were very peculiar looking. The driver of the vehicle had to swerve in order to avoid hitting the creature. He dropped off his girlfriend then returned to the scene to see the creature enter a yellow and black car then proceeded to turn into a dead end street and vanish. (3)

We can only speculate as to the real nature of this apparently unfortunate creature was a lost and injured inter-dimensional traveler? I suspect we will never know.

Our next case is a bit more “ordinary” if there is such a word in our vocabulary. It apparently was just a quick flyby perhaps by a group of bored time travelers.

One evening in the summer of 1987 Near Frankfort Germany

A British family traveling on the Autobahn on their way to Frankfort were startled to see a large metallic cylindrical shaped craft passing by them at very high speed, apparently just above the pavement. The craft had large round windows and in each window a human-like figure could be seen. The craft lifted up and disappeared into the distance at high speed. (4)


Figure 5. Cosmic car?

The next encounter comes to us from Poland and it also involves a strange car-like device without wheels and its bizarre occupants:

Location was the city of Lodz, Poland

Date: autumn 2001                        Time: evening

On a dark autumn evening the witness was on her way to work and was passing through a suburban area of Lodz (in order to avoid traffic) when she noticed on her car mirror a small dark car following her. At first glance it resembled a small car (she thought it was some type of go-cart type vehicle) but the woman noticed that it was apparently devoid of wheels. After some time when the witness stopped at a nearby junction she was approached by the mysterious vehicle. When she looked left at the “vehicle” she noticed that it was actually a small craft with opened panes that revealed two odd passengers inside. She could see two unidentified beings wearing dark or grayish coveralls which had reddish eyes that stared at the witness. Scared the witness drove quickly away from the area. (According to the witness sister, she has been involved in other unusual encounters not detailed by the source). (5)


The following case appears to involve an anomalous ‘cosmic car’ and its equally bizarre occupant and direct interaction with the witnesses, is from Russia and also from 2001 and it also involves a loose connection with a previous UFO encounter:

Location. Papriha, Vologda, Russia

Date: autumn 2001                                          Time: unknown

Soon after a “remarkable” UFO landing was reported in the area (no details on that), a married couple, Mr. Sivtsov and Mrs. Sivtsova---both witnesses to the UFO landing, which had occurred very close to their house, were returning from the forest when they suddenly saw a car stop on the road near them. The outer appearance of the car was like a typical German “Audi”. The driver, sitting close to the steering wheel was a light haired blond male. He then offered the couple a ride in his vehicle. They agreed and went inside. As soon as they entered the vehicle they were both surprised as to the appearance of the inner structure of the car. The ignition panel, the pedals and the instrument panel were all absent. The only familiar equipment they saw was the steering wheel. There were numerous unusual buttons. Leonid Sivtsov tried to tell the stranger driver where to go but the driver stopped his attempt and told him that “he knew exactly where he was going”. (Apparently reading the witnesses minds?). When the car approached the witnesses home their son was outside to meet them, Sivtsov’s son was surprised to notice that the car was in a sparkling and clean condition despite all the autumn dirt and mud in the area. The “Audi” looked brand new as if it just had “come out of the plant”. However the young man described the driver as having dark hair contradicting his parent’s testimony (probably the humanoid had projected a holographic image of a human being which was seen in various forms by the witnesses). The Sivtsovs invited the driver to their home, but the stranger said he was in a hurry. Leonid Sivtsov wanted to accompany him to the car but the stranger “ordered him” to sit down and finish drinking his tea and then he will be able to get. Amazingly Leonid realized that he couldn’t move his legs and remained sitting. After several minutes this torpid state was gone. However by this time the “Audi” had already left the area. All three witnesses then agreed that the car’s engine did not emit a sound at all. (6).

Was there a connection between the previous UFO encounter and the bizarre vehicle and its occupant? We can only guess.

The next case involves a bizarre roadway encounter in Romania, and is from the files of the late great Romanian Ufologist, Calin Turcu:


Location. Sibiu, Romania

Date: September 1994                                                   Time: afternoon

The witness, Radu N. Achim, 35 years of age and his wife were traveling in their car near Sibiu at approximate 90km per hour on a perfectly clear day, ahead of him were two large trucks. Suddenly he looked to his right and saw a very pale figure wearing a transparent parka driving a large black vehicle that was now traveling parallel to his car, apparently at the same speed. For no apparent reason the stranger kept pace with Radu and did not look at him, at one point Radu attempted to get his attention by making hand signals and yelling at the stranger, but was ignored. Radu momentarily took his eyes off the strange black car and when he looked the black car had vanished, he looked at his rearview mirror and could not see it anywhere. He realized that there was nowhere the strange vehicle could have gone to, as he could not see any exits anywhere and anyway it would have been impossible for any car to have driven away so suddenly. Confused Radu stood on the road hoping to see any other vehicles so he could flag them down and asked the drivers if they had seen the black car. His wife had also seen the strange black car and was at a loss as to what had actually happened. So surreal had the episode been that Radu was left to conclude that he had seen some kind of “chimera”.

Again we have a case in which a black vehicle of some sort and its occupant apparently disappears without a trace in front of the startled witnesses.


Next we have another roadway encounter this time from Scandinavia, Finland to be more specific; it seems as if a ‘cosmic car’ and its bizarre occupants had taken a brief spin around this beautiful countryside:

Location. Vihtilajarvi, Kankanpaa, Finland

Date: December 8 1993                 Time: 1815

The witness, a 45-year old handyman had finished his daily work and was heading home to Nokia. Driving in his car he suddenly noticed that the surroundings had become brightly illuminated. He first thought that it was an airplane descending and he tried to look up, but could not see anything unusual. After a while bright lights could be seen in his rearview mirror. On the next straight section of the road the lights came up very quickly towards him and stayed just behind his car. The lights then briefly dropped back but then came up again on the next straight section of the road and passed his vehicle silently. The object behind the lights somewhat resembled a red car. The red color was glowing and appeared somehow transparent. In the “car” there were 3 or more beautiful completely white women, aged 20 to 30. As the “car” passed, they smiled and waved at the witness. Except for their black eyes and the mouth, they were completely white in color even their hair, which reached to their shoulders. After the “car” had passed it accelerated and vanished towards the end of the straight section of the road, about 500 meters away. After the observer had driven for a couple of km he noticed the “car” again. It had stopped on a downward slope after a curve. He began to brake cautiously but as the object began to move towards the observer and a crash seemed inevitable the witness braked hard. Yet the object continued to approach and the witness was sure he was going to hit it. Then suddenly as the object was only a meter away from his car it stopped and vanished abruptly. Astonished the observer got out of his car to see if he could find some traces of the object, but he could not find anything. (7)

The ‘cosmic car’ again vanished abruptly in plain sight of the witness, did it go back to its other-dimensional realm or was it suddenly ‘teleported’ back to its mothership? The next case in this listing appears to involve an otherworldly ‘car’ which then led to a full blown abduction onboard a possible spaceship:


Location. St Petersburg, Russia (then Leningrad)

Date: 1971                           Time: 16:00

Graduate student Tatiana Syrchenko was reading a technical manual accompanied by the student chief when she suddenly felt a “push” from the back and could not overcome an urge to go for a walk. She walked out in an area, which was pretty isolated at the time as twilight quickly approached. Suddenly she noticed a very strange “automobile” approaching her. It was cherry red in color with dark tinted glass, with a peculiar oval shape, never seen by her in the Soviet Union. She stood in stunned surprised staring at the “automobile”. The strange machine drove up to her and a door was slightly opened, a man wearing a black coverall leaned out and asked her if her name was Tatiana, if she were then she must go with them. She glanced into the machine and saw two men sitting inside. She was very afraid, but almost as if he was able to read her thoughts the man in the black coverall said, “Do not be concerned we will bring you back safely”. He smiled and this gave Tatiana confidence, she immediately entered the machine. She noticed as she looked out the windshield that the machine dipped down in a steep 180-degree angle and had bright lights on the front. In a moment she found herself sitting in a square room that had walls and ceiling covered with a material resembling cotton, very soft to the touch. The room was well lit but she could not see the source of the light. The men who she had previously seen in the strange vehicle now wore silvery gray coveralls. She was told by one of the men that someone called “The Cardinal” wanted to see her. She protested saying that she was not dressed for the occasion. One of the men then approached the wall, raised his hand and a slot opened, and inside was two coveralls; one was silver and the other lilac in color. She chose the lilac coverall and quickly put it on, she remember that the material was also very soft. An aperture then became visible in the room and a man wearing the same lilac colored coveralls appeared. He looked elderly with long silvery white hair. He said something like, “I am glad to meet you Tatiana”. As she approached the stranger in order to greet him she suddenly blacked out. She then found herself back at the Institute still reading the manual. The clock still read 1600 hrs.

A cosmic car used in the commitment of a UFO abduction? Intriguing indeed. From the Bonnybridge Scotland area comes a case investigated by researcher Malcolm Robinson that appears to describe one of those elusive ‘cosmic cars’ in this case apparently a ‘cosmic truck’.

Sometime in July of 1992 the Slogget family was out walking on the moorland above Bonnybridge and as they claim, saw what daughter Carole then aged 26 described as a huge “Tonka Toy” emerge from behind some trees. The sighting was heralded by an intense blue light that illuminated the road around them and the object appeared emitting a loud whirring noise. A door was heard opening accompanied by a ‘howling’ sound. A brilliant white flash emanated from the object, rather like a photographic flash gun, then it disappeared behind the trees again.

One of the most bizarre ‘pseudo vehicle, cosmic car’ reports come from tireless and veteran researcher Don Worley and comes from that memorable year, 1973.

Location. Near Milroy Indiana

Date: September 2 1973       Time: 1430

Part time preacher, Conner Corey had prayer with his sister’s family in northern Kentucky and then headed north toward his home in Indiana. He stopped at Greensburg, Indiana and placed some religious tracts in autos parked there. He was on State Road 3 near Milroy when he noticed, in his rear view mirror, what appeared to be a dark green car with fenders like barrels. Suddenly it was very close to his rear window, and now looked like a van, but had a large curved windshield. A buzzing sound filled the air and he observed two indistinct human-like figures with shoulder length hair inside the object. There was a brilliant flash and the buzzing ceased. The witness continued to watch the scene on his rear view window by looking in his rear view mirror. Suddenly it looked like water filled his rear window. Then what resembled eagles moved across the top of the window and he felt the sensation of flying into the air. Next, he found himself looking at the inside of an indirectly lighted room. Three ordinary looking men in gray clothes came up into the room---two of them wearing hospital surgery-type masks. This scene faded and was replaced by a distant aerial view of an earth-like surface. A planet or moon came up between two mountains in the distance. Following this he viewed a water covered surface from a lower altitude. Situated in the middle of this surface was a huge dark cross-like area. Two man-like figures emerged from the center of this area and became luminous. They moved toward him as if they were on a conveyor belt, and steadily increased in size. The dark eyed figures were dressed in tight-fitting suits that had a cloak and sash tied in front. The on-coming figures seemed about to burst right out of his rear view mirror, and for the first time his intense desire to watch gave way to fear. At this moment he was released as his eyes dropped from the mirror and he found himself looking at a slow moving Amish buggy as he sped down the highway. The preacher’s radio and watch malfunctioned after this event. He does not know with certainty how much time he could have lost on his journey home. He thought he was driving about 50 mph, and he was sure he traveled ¾ of a mile during the contact.


Don Worley writing in UFO Universe summer 1993, apparently spoke about the same witness who in April of 1973 while working in his auto parts shop in Milan Indiana and after having photographed a UFO was visited by two very strange looking humanoids described as having long hair and pale expressionless faces and wearing tang clothing with very heavy gloves. One was very tall and the other was four foot tall with a long head. The witness’ dog began to whimper and hid in a corner. The beings spoke in a mechanical monotone and demanded the UFO photographs. They then left in what appeared to be a yellow Buick La Sabre with tinted windows and no seats or steering wheel.

A very bizarre and little known report investigated by John Giambrone of Massachusetts and published in the HUMCAT catalog, describes short humanoid creatures encountered by a motorist that were riding what appeared to be small surface vehicles resembling Roto Tillers (!), below is the report:

Location. Near Duxbury Massachusetts

Date: September 3 1974                               Time: 03:00 a.m.

Late in August, while driving on her early morning paper route, the witness observed a red pulsating object at treetop level. When two beams of light emerged from its base to play across a nearby cranberry bog, her car engine “fluttered” and the car radio emitted much static. On either this occasion, or the following, the car interior became extremely hot and witness felt nauseated. Shortly after the above while driving in the same area as her previous sighting, the witness heard a voice “inside her head” telling her to run left at the next intersection, which she did. Then her car radio went out and the motor died. She saw four humanoid figures, each standing upon a “small surface vehicle” resembling a Roto Tiller, darting up and down the road a few inches above the surface. One figure approached her and requested her, telepathically, to open the car door; when she did not; all four doors flew open at once. The humanoids, after inspecting the interior of the craft, requested the witness to make certain arm movements, then to bend her head forward. Looking at the back of her head, one being said, “Yes, you are different,” and touched the spot with something that left 5 small puncture marks. He then “told” her that there were thousands of ships that have been visiting earth for many years and many people who have been examined by the occupants, voluntarily or otherwise.

They come from a planet whose name resembled “Omius” or “Omnigus;” there was a “mother ship” at that time in Scituate Harbor. In reply to her own questions, the examiner said that she was not permitted to touch them or to board one of their ships, but he promised that she would see a ship subsequently; she was advised that she would suffer headaches for some weeks, which proved to be true; he also said that she would “not like to look upon their faces.” They departed and she arrived home an hour and a half later than usual. The figures were 4-5 feet tall, with small heads in transparent helmets, through which she was able to see only “small, beady, very shiny eyes.” The spokesman had two stripes on the upper part of his arm; the other 3 had stripes that were longer on their sides, just above their waists. The leader had a buckle on his belt upon which was a wavy line. She was extremely upset by this encounter, and told only her husband, who gave details to the investigator. On the night following this encounter, the witness again experienced E-M effects in her car as a large, disc shaped object with multi-colored lights descended; 3 landing legs extended from the bottom, which passed barely inches from the windshield of the car; an insignia was observed “resembling mathematical symbols.” After hovering briefly, the object shot straight up and vanished. The witness refused to cooperate in any investigation.

There are possibly hundreds more of similar incidents in my humanoid summaries, I feel I don’t have to include all of them. I believe I have outline a fair cross section of this type of incidents which seemed to fit no clear category except perhaps the UFO phenomenon and UFOs they are indeed, what type and where from, and more importantly what purpose do they serve and they paranormal in nature as the Savalas encounter appeared to indicate or are they extraterrestrial in nature like the case from Leningrad (St Petersburg) appeared to show. Others are so bizarre in nature that clearly fit no category and are mostly ignored by researchers and investigators. I actually left some of the more bizarre reports out (if that is possible).


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September 17 2012



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There are more details to this encounter which Savalas mentioned on taped interview.