PSICAN - Paranormal Studies and Inquiry Canada

Written by Susan Demeter-St.Clair
This past August my Mother passed away after a brief battle with pancreatic cancer.

My Mother was raised an Atheist in a Communist country so had very little formal religious experience nor belief. However, over the years and in part due to a near death experience she became what she called a spiritual person. In fact she took much interest in my research.

A couple of weeks after her diagnosis of stage 4 pancreatic cancer with a very grim prognosis (this came as a shock to us all including herself) we had a long talk about death, and she assured me she had no fear of death itself, but was scared of the process of dying. She then went on to state that on the day she received her diagnosis, she was in shock, and grief, and had no idea how she would be able to go to sleep.

When she she did go to her room, and climbed into bed with her book something odd happened. She felt as if someone unseen to the eye sat down on the bed right beside her, she could feel their weight, and mass as if right there. She said it was like a larger person was sitting there, but she could not see them despite the lights being on.

She was not frightened in fact she said she felt a great calm come over her, and felt protected. Everything she knew would be ok. And soon afterwards fell asleep.

Surely, she said to me, "this must have been my guardian angel come to comfort me? Everybody has a guardian angel isn't that right, Susan?"

The day after the dreaded diagnosis my Mom asked me to break the news to my younger sister. She couldn't bear to do it herself because she knew how my sister would react to such horrible news.

I waited until my sister got off of work...and I told her our Mother was dying, and had very little time left.

Before the end of the evening and as the news began sinking in, my sister told me she had to tell me something and it couldn't wait as she did not want to forget as she knows I'm "into weird stuff" and I'd find it interesting.

She prefaced what she was about to relate with "You know I'm a sceptic, and I don't really believe in supernatural stuff" and that is true, my sister is an Atheist.

Three days prior to the diagnosis of our Mom with terminal cancer my sister and her partner were in a small town that coincidently was the same town our parents had met in during the 1950s. They were running late and decided to rent a motel room for the night.

After watching a movie, my sister and her partner fell asleep. At some point during the night she was woken up by what she initially thought was her partner sitting down on the bed beside her. It was she felt a bigger person, and she turned around only to realize her partner was snoring, fast asleep on the other side of the bed.

She said she was a little startled by this because she could feel the indentation where this "bigger body" felt as if sitting right beside her, however she was not scared.

The light was very dim, and she could not see this "person" only felt that sensation of someone being right beside you.

She then said it felt like a hand began stroking her head, and she felt comforted, as if the intention of this "unseen hand" was to soothe.....and she turned over and went to sleep.

She said she had no idea what the experience had been all about. In fact she said she probably just dreamed it all, but since she knew I collected "weird stories" she wanted to tell me and give me the name of the motel so I could post an anonymous report about it to the website. Just in case she said someone else experienced something similar there.

At this point I did not know about my Mom's experience so did not connect the two as possibly related.

So a couple of weeks later when my Mom began telling me of her "guardian angel" I was bursting, and almost leaping off my chair. And I believe the first thing I said was did you talk to Diane (my sister)?!!!!

My mother and sister had not shared these experiences with each other at that point in time. And both were amazed by this "coincidence"

As for me ...... I have had nothing so dramatic occur only several seemingly synchronicities leading up to my Mom's diagnosis.

I am sharing this with you all, finally, as I am now able to. I wanted to type it all out earlier, but just could not handle it when my grief was very fresh.

What I have told you is very much open for debate or discussion.

I add it to the 10,000s of similar reports from over the centuries, and with the thought that somehow in the telling this will help someone in some way.