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NFLD & Labrador

The best book I have come across to date (December 2009) that is dedicated to the documentation of Newfoundland, and Labrador ghost stories is Haunted Shores, True Ghost Stories of Newfoundland, and Labrador by Dale Jarvis. It is must reading for anyone interested in ghosts, and hauntings, and folklore in this area of Canada.

The book covers many ghostly locations, but the author names Victoria Street in St. John's as Newfoundland's most haunted. It is merely three blocks long, but it is one of the oldest streets in the city.

The LSPU Hall is rumoured to be haunted by a presence, possibly the spirit of someone involved in the theatre community.

A house now divided into apartments was at one time haunted by the spirit of an elderly lady who was seen on the stairs.

Another house near Victoria and Bond Streets was the scene of a terrifying experience involving two female apparitions in 1907-1908. One of the spirits was reportedly letting out blood curdling screams as she was being dragged around by the other ghost. This was so horrifying to the witness that she and her husband moved out of their rental accommodation the very next day according to an article in the St. John's Evening Telegram. Could this have been some horrible event from the building's past being replayed?


And yet another private home along this stretch is reported in the book to have been plagued by phantom footsteps, banging doors, and other mild poltergeist activity.

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Haunted Shores, True Ghost Stories of Newfoundland, and Labrador by Dale Jarvis (c) 2004 ISBN: 1-894463-54-4