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Placentia is a town on the Avalon Peninsula


 Placentia NFLD


"My wife and I were parked on the wrong side of a dirt road (about 10 miles outside of town), it was a beautiful day. I was studying a rundown cabin below the roadway.  Being on the wrong side I was keeping a check for vehicles both coming and going in my mirror. Nothing approached my car from behind, but when I looked ahead, 15 or 20 feet ahead a person wearing a black outfit and hat riding a black horse was moving away at a trot. I only saw the back and one side and it was very clear. The image went on straight and disappeared into trees when the road made a turn. I drove up to where it went in and found nothing but a deep ditch and thick shrub. Thinking back I recall not seeing the hoofs well, but dust around the hoofs that seemed to move along with the image. Strange thing is, I commented on the horse and rider when I first saw it but my wife couldn't see anything. I wonder why was it for me to see and not her."

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