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"A curious story relating to a church has to do with the musical spirit of St. John's Cathedral in Winnipeg. One morning in 1953, during an 8:00 a.m. service, the Rev. H.J. Skynner was reading an epistle from the pulpit. There were about a dozen people in the congregation, including the Rev. J.O. Anderson, then Dean of Rupertsland. Suddenly, the organ sounded. A series of notes, one at a time, played for about fifteen minutes. The notes all sounded in clear tones on the flute register of the instrument. No one sat at the organ, which was in plain view. Although it was very windy that morning, nothing had ever happened on any other windy morning, and there seemed no reason for the rudimentary serenade. Organ experts were called in to explain the incident, but were baffled. The strange story of the invisible organist was never explained."

Unnatural History: True Manitoba Mysteries by Chris Rutkowski


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