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"I have noticed the presence since I moved into the in Winnipeg house 2 years ago. The first experience was shortly after moving in. I was out in the garage with a friend hanging out when I noticed a dark shadow near the garage door. The friend I was with at the time also told me he felt very cold and nervous. He described it "like being in a room with someone who dislikes you."

We had a guest stay at our house during the Christmas break this past year. Late one evening my boyfriend and I were watching a movie in our room when I saw the dark figure standing in front of our bedroom closet. For the first time I was able to see more detailed facial features. It appeared to be female and not very happy. Our guest was in the room adjacent to ours and was sleeping. The next moring our guest reported a psycial encounter with a spirit durring the night. He was sleeping on his stomach and woke suddenly feeling like someone was sitting on his back holding him down. We had never told him about the spirit prior to his report.

Only a few nights ago we had a different house guest over. Durring his stay I was unable to sleep. I had a feeling the spirit was unhappy and moving around the house a lot. I got up to use the washroom durring the night. When leaving the washroom a heard a voice telling me to turn around. I called out to my boyfriend to ask him what he wanted but he didn't respond. He was sleeping. I went to the guest room to check up on our house guest and found him watching a movie. I asked and he hadn't said anything.

I feel the spirit is protective of those who live in this house. The most activity definitely happens when we have guests stay at our place. There have been many more other encounters."


Our thanks to the witness for sharing her experiences with us. It is interesting to note that she feels the "spirit is protective" of people who are residing in the home. If you have had a similar experience please contact us Your privacy will be protected and confidentiality is assured.