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The historic Masonic Temple in Winnipeg is 100+ years of age, and recently began undergoing a facelift, and some modernization. Aside from being a Masonic Temple it was at one time a Mother Tucker's Restaurant, and it was during it's time as an eatery that rumours of a haunting were rampant.

A CBC broadcast dated Aug. 28, 1979 revealed the following:

"Employees at a Winnipeg restaurant converted from an old Masonic Temple believe the place is haunted. Some refuse to be in the building alone because lights flicker on and off and objects move by themselves. But the ghost doesn't seem to mean any harm. In fact, when wait staff return to work in the morning, it's as though he's had a party in the restaurant overnight. Salt and pepper shakers have been moved and napkins used. One manager who has heard footsteps in the attic says, "It really only leaves you one conclusion, that there is some type of spirit in the building."

Plans for the building include the addition of luxury loft-style condos. It will be interesting to see if this will generate new reports of ghosts, and hauntings at this heritage site.

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