PSICAN - Paranormal Studies and Inquiry Canada

British Columbia

The following event occurred a few years ago in a cabin on Roserim Lake, East of 100 Mile House, near Canim Lake.


"Although I believe ghosts are real, I believe that not everything that is thought to be paranormal activity actually is, and that people are very good at being tricked by their own imaginations at times. The two following events I can guarantee, that I was of clear mind and that they actually happened as described.

My husband and I were newly married and had rented a House/Cabin on a secluded lake, for a week for our Honeymoon. The first night we were there I experienced a nightmare that was set in the cabin that we were renting, in it I was chased down the hall by something and into the bedroom, in the dream whatever was chasing me was rattling and pulling at the doorknob of the bedroom door. I awoke quite shaken as I rarely have nightmares and when I do they are usually meandering long dreams that play out throughout the night. A few minutes after I awoke my husband started tossing and turning, I woke him up and he told me he had been having a nightmare that someone was trying to get into the room forcefully "beating on the door". It was not till after this that I told him I had had a very similar dream of someone trying to get through the door. We had never had something like this happen before or since, and we have shared a bed for nearly 8 years now.

That night we moved out of that bedroom and started sleeping in the living room on a futon as I felt better there. On our last night at the Cabin, I was standing at the kitchen sink washing dishes which has a large window in front of it. It was dark outside so I could see the kitchen and mud room reflected in the glass of the window. At the time my husband was using the bathroom which is on the left side of the cabin in relation to where I was at the sink. I had my head down, but I clearly saw what I thought was my husband walk from the left side of the cabin to the right side of the cabin where the living room is located. I was so sure it was my husband that I stopped doing dishes and went to the living room, to bug him to come help me. I found the living room empty and discovered that he had never left the bathroom.

The next two events I cannot guarantee were not my imagination getting the better of me as they both happen just as I was waking up in the morning. One morning a few days into our stay, I was awoken by a very urgent voice in my ear saying "You need to wake up, something is trying to get in." It seemed to say this a few times before I became aware enough to realize, that I was being spoken to and that there was a hawk attaching its reflection in glass of the window next to the futon we were sleeping on. This account I cannot guarantee was not my subconscious waking me up, although I have never had anything similar happen prior or since.

On the last morning of our stay, I awoke and rolled over, looked across the living room and saw a strange man standing between the support pillar and the dining room table. He was looking back at me. I would describe him of average height, with dark hair, dressed in a heavy coat, winter boots, thick pants."


Our thanks and appreciation goes out to the witness for sharing these experiences with us. If you have experienced something similar in the Canim Lake area or can add further information to this report please contact us at Your privacy will be protected, and confidentiality is assured.