PSICAN - Paranormal Studies and Inquiry Canada

British Columbia

The witness reports:


"When we moved from a downstairs suite to an upstairs one in august 2009, I began to get this strange feeling. I would get short of breath and feel as though there was something watching me. I woke up every night between 2am and 3am and would see this black "blob" (for lack of better word) in the corner of my room, on the ceiling. I would be unable to breath and would sometimes wake up with a start to see this. I was the only one in my house to feel or sense this. (my son would sometimes wake up screaming and saying he saw something, but not sure if it was the same thing or a dream of his, he was 4). My friends and I smudged the place and i stopped seeing the figure, but still sensed it. When we moved we smudged our new place and have had no issues since."


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