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British Columbia

Some people, more than others, seem to share in a lifetime of strange, and inexplicable things. In this case the experiencer describes herself as an "open soul" which the webmaster feels is a lovely and apt description for those who experience these mysteries. 


The witness writes:


"Both my Mother and I saw the same ghost of a woman at the top of our stairs for years and years.  We did mention to each other for years and were stunned to know we were seeing the same thing.  The previous owner saw the same woman and the people that bought the house from my Mom and Dad also saw the woman.I had another experience in this house when I was standing in the hallway.  All of a sudden my home surroundings disappeared and I found myself in a forest with a fox hunt coming my way.  It is still vivid to this day.  The earth shook and I was terrified of being trampled.I have throughout my life experienced many things in other peoples houses.  I feel and sense things that they may never be aware of, but I know it's there.When I bought my first condo at age 21, I had many terrifying experiences.  I was visited by a malevolent creature many times.  I had visions of people walking in and out of my walk-in closet at night, I would awaken by the feel and sight of frogs etc. dropping from my ceiling.  So many frightening things happened here.  I would sleep with a crucifix and all of the lights on. My Mother told me of many creatures that came to play with her when she was a child. I think I am just an "open" soul."


Our thanks goes out to the witness who has shared these experiences with us.  It takes courage to do so, and may bring comfort to others experiencing similar things. If you have experienced something you believe may be paranormal please contact us at Your privacy will be protected, and confidentiality is assured.