PSICAN - Paranormal Studies and Inquiry Canada

British Columbia

The following Fortean-like event occurred in March 2010
"We were at AUBREY ELEMENTARY SCHOOL in Burnaby right before midnight, enjoying the view of the city on a well lit night. As we were leaving the school we heard what we thought was a bird flying near by. It didn't sound like an ordinary bird. It sounded like it was in pain or something. But we could both clearly hear it making noise in front of us, then behind us, then to our right and left, next to us, and right above us. It's as if it was flying all around us, and away from us, back and fourth, and from tree to tree. Although it was midnight, it was a very bright, cloudy night and we should have been able to see anything moving in the sky. Not once did we even see a flicker of a wing or a shadow. We literally heard the sounds coming from the tree directly beside us and then moving directly above us, and then away.This continued until we left the perimeter of the school and we could only hear the sounds in the distance. We stopped and looked back again. As we were looking back we noticed a bright yellow street sign that would randomly illuminate on one side, and then the other. It was as if there was cars going by with their headlights lighting up the sign. However, there was not a car in sight or anyone else around. The neighbourhood was completely lifeless, apart from the two of us. We watched this sign repeat this illumination process for a few minutes. At one point I remember the entire sign was illuminated as if a car was shining it's high beams directly at it! We were the only ones around and again not a vehicle in sight.

I'm a very logical person, and tend not to believe in things that can't be explained scientifically. However, the only logical explanation I could think of was that a bright light was being projected from inside one of the houses. However the angle of the sign vs the houses makes it seem impossible for a light to have been projected in this way. Furthermore, if this was the case, we surely would have noticed the light source from where we were standing."
Our thanks to the witnesses for sharing this experience with us. While described as being very weird this may not be ghostly in origin. However, the BCGHRS team who are also familiar with UFOs, and Cryptozoology have followed up on this report.  If you can provide further information or have had a similar experience that you believe may be paranormal in nature please contact us. Your privacy will be protected.