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British Columbia

"My boyfriend, and our 18mth yr. old girl. and I moved into a new place. I got home late from work and while lying in bed trying to fall asleep, I heard a noise and looked out into the hallway and saw a dog! I thought somehow a dog got into our place, but after searching the house, this is not possible. It was a small white dog and I watched it for about maybe ten-fifteen seconds and then it walked into my daughter's playroom.

My boyfriend believed I saw something but figured there was some explanation and even I myself deep down find it hard to grasp that I actually saw a ghost. I who have always believed firmly in ghosts but I guess I never imagined the possibility of a dog as a ghost.

For the next two nights we slept with the lights on. Last night, (with the lights out) our little girl woke up crying for some juice. After she fell asleep, I was lying there and heard a noise again. I instantly woke Allan and a dog walked right past our bedroom door. We both saw it and we both saw the exact same thing. Allan freaked out totally.

I am relieved that he has seen it also. He has never believed in ghosts and was very skeptical but now has absolutely no doubt in his mind. Like I said the dog was small and white. The first night I saw it, I saw only the hind quarters and it was just kind of sniffing around and then went into the other room, with no way out I might add, and it wasn't in there when we searched. When we both saw it, it was a side view and came out of my daughter's play room.

There is no question that it is a ghost. Even the look of it. It makes a noise to alert it's presence but as it walks it makes no sound. The colour is not really see-through but not solid either. A strange translucence about it, like an aura.

My daughter has had unexplained cries out of the blue and then runs to me terrified. Once I was with her and she appeared to be looking at something and jumped into my arms in a panic. This was before we saw the dog but even then I said to my boyfriend it's like she's seen a ghost. She is afraid of dogs, so it would make sense that if she had seen it, she would be scared even not understanding it's a ghost.

I have a very wise and spiritual friend that I called and she believes that this spirit, whether it was actually a dog or a spirit taking on the form of an animal, is trying to get where it is suppose to be and that it senses intuitively that I can help it get there. She says it's important that I get over my fear so as not to scare it off. She offered suggestions as to what I could do. I still feel afraid though, even though I sense it is a friendly spirit. I will see what happens tonight. It seems silly but we are only here for four months and I feel responsible for this ghost and want to help it somehow, because I do feel it is showing itself to us for a reason, and we need to help it on its way.

We live in a two story house and I questioned the people below us (without telling them what I saw), about who lived here before us. Before us there were two young guys that lived here, but before them a lady lived here for four years and owned a small white dog that she had to put down."

Our thanks to the witness for sharing this experience with us, and our readers. We appreciate it, and hopefully this will bring some comfort to others who may be experiencing something similar in the knowledge that they are not alone.  If you have experienced something you think may be paranormal in British Columbia or elsewhere in Canada please contact us at Your privacy will be protected, and confidentiality is assured.