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British Columbia

"I visited my sister in Vancouver last fall because of family circumstances. I travelled there by bus, and arrived very tired. I went to bed as soon as I could and settled down to sleep right away.

I was no sooner asleep than I was awakened by the arrival of a cat springing onto my bed. I hadn't seen a cat in my room before closing the door, but thought one must have sneaked in and hidden until I switched off the light.

It did what cats do--found a good spot, kneaded the bedclothes for a while, purred like a hand operated lawn mower, then fell asleep. So did I.

A short while later the cat got restless and jumped off the bed, landing on some plastic grocery bags on the floor. This woke me (I could see nothing-- the room was pitch black) and I was irritated enough by the disturbance to get out of bed, muttering nasty words, intending to eject the offending animal. When I switched the light on--no cat! It was a small spare bedroom with an empty closet, a closed door and a closed window. There was no cat in the room.I searched. I finally climbed into bed, tired and fed up and went to sleep. Once again I was awakened by the THUMP of a cat hitting my bed.

This time I got up and switched the light on right away.No cat-- just indentations where it had been.

I left the light on and fell asleep until morning.

I told my sister the next morning and she said, "Oh yes! The last person who slept in that room said the same thing."

This was in a condo in Vancouver. A few years previously, one of the tenants of the building had been murdered in Stanley Park. I looked him up online, to try to determine if he had left behind a lonely cat. I couldn't find any details of his life, but I found a picture of him with a -- DOG! I wonder if there's any reasonable explanation for the apparent haunting of my sister's apartment by a cat?? What do you think?"

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