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British Columbia

"In the summer of 1996 my family relocated to Prince George from Calgary. I went ahead, found a house (XXXXXX, Prince George, BC) and my belongings followed. My wife and children were delayed due to car problems. So the furniture arrived ahead of them (by a few days).The first night in the house, I went to bed -  around 2 am I was awoken and saw this image of a women standing in the doorway.  Startled the image disappeared and I went back to sleep. Some time later I was awaken again, with the weight of someone, or something sitting on me. I physically pushed the weight off of me  with both hands.

There were several other 'happenings' in the house that both my wife and I experienced.  On one occasion, we were getting ready for bed (our young kids already in bed) and putting our dog into her kennel. When both of us heard a young voice say (good night mommy). we turned around expecting to see one of our kids - no one was there. A quick look found both kids sleeping in their rooms. Who's voice did we hear?

On another occasion, I was having a  meeting in my basement and we heard the doorbell ring once, I assumed my wife would answer the door (she was upstairs at the time). When it rang again, I got up to answer the door. I asked my wife why she did not get the door - she responded "the door bell never rang", My dog, who was sitting at the door, never barked and the sound of the bell.

We moved from the house six month later."

Our thanks to our reader for sharing this experience with us.

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