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British Columbia

The Irish Heather Pub is located in the historic Gastown area of Vancouver British Columbia. It is an authentic Irish pub right down to its Irish owners, and well worth a visit!


The pub is housed in a building that was reportedly Vancouver's first police station, however when a PSICAN investigator looked into it he found the following:


"I did research on this building and could find no reference that this building was the first police station or first jail I did find a small reference to the first jail being a log cabin with out locks on the doors that was destroyed in the great fire. To the best of my knowledge only 2 buildings survived the fire and this was not one of them I also found a reference that this building used to be a hotel which consisted of most of the block."


No matter the structure's original use it is reportedly haunted, and its ghosts experienced by both staff, and patrons.


The Irish Heather Pub Official Website


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