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British Columbia

Hat Creek Ranch is a historic site located near Kamloops, and just north of Cache Creek. There are several original buildings on the site, and early use of Bonaparte Valley by people of the Shuswap nation can be experienced through Native Village.


"Prominent among the 20 historic structures here is Hat Creek House, established in 1861 by former Hudson's Bay Company trader Donald McLean. Originally a small log building, it soon became popular as a stopping house offering good meals for travelers and was enlarged over the years. In 1863 the building momentum of the Cariboo Gold Rush brought the Royal Engineers and their Cariboo Wagon Road right past the front door!.  McLean was ready to provide rooms, food, whiskey, and stables to thousands of miners and settlers heading north. Alas, while riding with a posse in 1864, he was shot and killed, and a succession of other managers assumed operation of the ranch over the following years."


There have been reports of a transparent spirit, phantom horses, mysterious lights, and the sounds of tools being used when none were around. 


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