PSICAN - Paranormal Studies and Inquiry Canada

British Columbia

It seems that every Keg restaurant has a resident ghost or ghost story and the Keg Steakhouse in New Westminster is no different.

There have been sightings of an apparition, and much reported poltergeist activity reported by staff, customers, and paranormal investigators over the years. 

One PSICAN researcher reported that when she visited the Keg on an investigation she heard strange noises and smelled unusual smells that could not readily be explained by either herself or her team mates at the time.

Another PSICAN investigator writes:

"I was there once with the group on a hot day in the middle of summer sitting at one of the tables when a very cold column of air passed by me. There were also rumours of a family of 4 that had died in the upstairs part of the building in the fire that burned down much of new west, but I could not find any reference to this. I guess it is possible that they were waiting for a train and were from out of town. Also where the keg sits now the building was moved there from another place.

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