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We received the following report in March 2010

"I came across your website recently and noticed that one of your reported paranormal stories actually took place in an area of Vancouver that I used to live. Naturally, I was intrigued with these reports and I would like to share with you my experience while living there.From 1978-1982 I was living in the area of Vancouver known as Champlain Heights, located near S.E. Marine Drive. At the time I was in my late teens, early 20's and I was living in a townhouse complex with my parents. Whenever I would take my dog for a walk in this area, I always had an uneasy sense that someone was watching me. It was a very uncomfortable feeling and quite often I found myself looking over my shoulder to see if anyone was there and there was no one. My dog also had some sense of something present, as on a few occasions, she was definitely spooked by something. Whether or not it was something natural or paranormal is unclear.I left Vancouver and moved back East in 1982. Whenever anyone would ask me why I moved back, my response was always "I never felt comfortable or safe in Vancouver, I was always looking over my shoulder". Vancouver was/is a beautiful city, however my experience there many years ago has left me with memories of feeling like someone was watching me all the time.Coincidentally, while I was living there, my mother and I visited a psychic. This was not something I had ever done before, nor have I ever done since. The psychic read my tarot cards, and at one point, she hesitantly told me to be very careful, as someone was watching me. This only reinforced my decision to move back east.Over the years, I have had experiences that I cannot explain. Again, whether or not they are paranormal is unclear.From what I have read here on your website, it would appear that the area where I used to walk my dog, is now the area where these "haunted" townhouses are."

Our thanks and appreciation go out to our reader for sharing this experience with us, and the BCGHRS.