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Webmaster's note June 23rd 2013: Please DO NOT copy/paste this report without permission directly from the witness. If you see this report online elsewhere it was copied without permission by either the experient or PSICAN.

We received the following report of a possible Dogman creature encounter April 2012, but the actual incident occurred in the late 1960's in the Niagara region.

The witness writes:

"I will try to describe what happened as briefly as possible; it was in the late spring or early summer and my boyfriend at the time, and 2 of my closest friends were driving through Cooks Mills ( this area has now been incorporated into part of Niagara Falls ). It was evening and it was a dark country road with a lot of fields and bush area. I wasn't paying attention to the road until I heard the others yelling about something. I looked through the windshield and saw what looked like a large wolf standing in the middle of the road...and by standing I mean upright or bi-pedal. This creature was framed in the car headlights and looked to me to have been in the process of running across the road. It stood perfectly still but slowly turned it's head to stare at us...after about 5 to 10 seconds, it turned it's head back and ran across the road and into the bush on the other side. It ran on it's hind legs only as if that were natural.
The males in the car wanted to get out and chase it...while my girlfriend and I were looking the doors and rolling up the windows. We told them if they got out of the car we would drive off and leave them we continued on to the falls.

Here are a few facts I observed during this brief period;

1- the creature looked to be the size of an average wolf if it were standing upright...maybe a bit taller
2-although it made no aggressive move toward us...I had the distinct feeling that it was thinking about coming over and decided not to
3- the eyes were intelligent and they had an almost amused look in if it knew we were scared and found it amusing
4- I had the impression it could see us in the car..even though it was dark and our headlights would have made it impossible to see in
5- I was extremely grateful that it decided not to investigate us"

The witness made inquiries with someone who lived on the road at the time, and although he said he hadn't seen anything like what they had witnessed, there were times when he was a kid and riding his bike back home from one of his friends house ...he could hear something keeping pace with him in the bush but he never saw what it was.

The description of the creature sounds similar to those reports of a Michigan, and Wisconsin Dogman.  According to author Linda Godfrey in her book The Beast of Bray Road: Tailing Wisconsin's Werewolf, "In 1987, disc jockey Steve Cook at WTCM-FM in Traverse City, Michigan recorded a song titled "The Legend", which he initially played as an April Fool's Day joke. He based the songs on actual reports of the creature."  You can read more about the prank and some of the reports it was based on here:  There is also a fictional movie that is based around these reports.

The only other report we are aware of for Southern Ontario came from the witness' own research and it happened around late 70's to early 80's on the QEW southbound towards Niagara just before the skyway. A similar creature ran across the Queen E very late at night...actually around 3-4 am. It was spotted by a person on their way home from work.

Update May 2014 Please also see Smithville Beast report from 1965. Could these two cases be related?

Our thanks goes out to the witness for sharing this experience, and her own research with us. If you have seen something similar particularly at this date/time/location, can add further information to this report, or have experienced something that you believe may be a cryptid or dogman creature in Canada please contact us at  Your privacy will be protected and confidentiality is assured.