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The following account is written in the witness’ own words and is accompanied by sketches drawn by the primary witness. These reports are currently under investigation.

"In December 2001 my husband and I were out for a drive and went exploring in southeast Markham. We took a right off of Markham Road/Main Street just south of Hwy 7 and drove through the residential area. We eventually came to a dead end road. We sat there with our car running and headlights on and saw something stand and move south across our lines of vision, about 20 meters or so ahead of us. The area is wooded and was covered in snow at the time. We were both stricken with absolute fear unlike any either of us had felt before. In trying to figure out what we saw we eliminated a bear--partly because it was the wrong time of year and in a fairly populous place, but primarily because it just wasn't shaped like a bear. It was MUCH thinner and the proportion of limbs to trunk was more human than bear. We eliminated ape because they are not indigenous to the area (especially in the dead of winter) and this thing also did not look like an ape--it's body was svelte--narrower than an ape would be across the shoulders and torso. It was solid as opposed to an apparition, and walked entirely upright with casual stride. If it was human it would be unusually large-at least 6.5 feet but probably closer to 7 or even more. It had a distinct neck area and was able to rotate it's head toward us clearly. If it was clothed, the clothing was formfitting and not bulky. Basically it looked like a big guy in a wetsuit to me. Broad shouldered but narrow at the waist and buttocks, legs and arms and head proportional like a human. The entire thing took maybe three seconds and then there was a percussive deep growl that seemed to come from everywhere. It felt like a sonic boom but didn't really seem very loud."



Markham Monster Sketch


“Since our first sighting we have returned to the area many times and have not seen this thing again. Sometimes the feeling of fear is present, other times nothing.

Fast forward to Friday Feb 11, 2005. We were again out driving and exploring in the early evening and wandered into a residential area off Stouffville Road east of Bayview and West of Leslie. We turned south from Stouffville Road onto Bridgewater Drive. At the end of the road there was a large snow bank piled up from the plowing of the road--this snow bank completely surrounds the roadway on three sides with only the driveway of the home accessible. Immediately the same sensation of fear was upon us.  Our 4 year old son continued to sleep peacefully in the back seat (Carseat) Suddenly something arose out of the snow bank immediately in front of us. Less than 5 meters from the front of the car. I recall only wide set eyes that sort of glowed (perhaps reflection of our headlights as it was approaching dusk and at least the daytime running lights would have been on) It seemed to have the snow on top of it and around it. It was as if it raised up, peeked at us, and went back in. My husband turned to me and said "it did that on purpose, it knows us and knows we are watching". Now for that to mean anything to you, you have to understand that my husband completely discounts stuff like this.  For him to think this was a cognizant, non human, evil entity is HUGE. He just isn't that sort of guy. He has no imagination, no paranormal interest--the weirdest he gets is liking old reruns of star trek.”


Markham Monster


Please note that both locations are conservation areas near residences.  The Markham location is part of the Milne Dam Park and the Stouffville/Bayview area is near Trailwood Conservation Area. Both are just north of Toronto.

Have you had a similar experience in Markham Ontario or elsewhere? Do you feel you can add to these reports? If so, we would like to hear from you.