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We received the following report of a possible cryptid in Middle Doe Lake approx 25km north of Huntsville Ontario in May 2010.


"I am an owner of a wholesale, retail business, and importer of reptiles. I know all my native reptiles and animals extremely well, but back around 1995 me and Dad both saw something in the water, we were both casting the the shoreline of Middle Doe that joins Little Doe and Big Doe lakes together. What we saw looked like a big rock with little rocks sticking out of it. It was around 3 ft x 3ft and around 12 inches sticking out of the water, so like a iceberg only 1/3 was out of the water. I guess, what was under the water was even bigger. As we got close within 5 ft, it went under the water with a huge swirl, we looked at the fish finder and we were in around 10 ft of water and it was gone. Me and my Dad still talk about it and have done a lot of research with no luck, but still remember it as clear as day. We no longer fish Doe lake due to bad fishing and fish further up north now. If you have any info or other related stories it would be appreciated."

Our thanks go out to the witness and his Dad for sharing this experience with us. If you have had a similar experience or can add some information to this report please contact us at Your privacy will be protected.