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Written by PSICAN Staff Writer

"To try the latest online mind-matter interaction experiment from the Institute of Noetic Sciences, please go to this URL:

On that page you'll be asked to login to the experiment via a Google email address. That's the only type of login allowed for now.
The physical target system in this mind-matter experiment is entangled photons. These photon-pairs are being generated in real-time by an optical system in our lab. The idea is to test if "nonlocal mind" interacts with "nonlocal matter."

That is, the strange thing about psi experience is that it isn't constrained by the conventional boundaries of space or time. And the strange thing about quantum entanglement is that it too isn't constrained by space or time.

Are these two strange properties related? That's what this experiment is exploring." - Dean Radin

I have participated in the experiment It does not take very long and all you need is a Google Account. Details are provided on the page once logged in. Looking forward to the scientist's findings. Susan Demeter St Clair.