Nova Scotia

Location. Cornwallis Coast Guard Station, Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia, Canada
Date: November 30 1965 Time: 03:30 a.m.

Seaman, Ian Kinsey, of Her Majesty’s Coastal Service, was on his two to four a.m. watch at the Cornwallis station. He was waking his rounds of one of the barracks and was to “pass by a certain window in this barracks two times between these duty hours.” Through the window he could see a small beach approximately 500 paces long and about 50 paces wide at low tide. (This section of Canada boasts the world’s largest tides). It was 3.30 when Kinsey passed by the window the second time. He looked out, expecting to see the usual thing: “pitch blackness, the lights of the shoreline, the communications station, and radio antenna.” He also saw something else: a sharply oval, yellow object resting on the beach. The UFO was lit up, but not glaring.

Five minutes later a sliding door on the object’s side opened, emitting a white light. Then a smaller, cigarette-shaped object entered the larger object through the door. The larger object rose, “slowly cruised over the mountain and (was) gone for good.” The witness said that as the UFO took off, it apparently pushed “rocks, logs and other material” away from the center of the beach. The seaman reported that no one believed his story and was sent to doctors (psychiatrists?) to test his sanity, “but no tests were taken.”

HC addendum
Source: Donald Keyhoe and Gordon Lore “Strange Effects from UFOs. A NICAP Special Report” Type: X

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