The witness writes:

"February 11, 2012 This is our UFO sighting from February 10, 2012, in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. It happened between 7:15 and 7:30 p.m. The night was very cold - about minus 20 to 23 celsius and very clear. No wind. It was already dark out and we were driving down Highway 15 (Dugald Road) and we were heading eastbound. My wife mentioned that there was a bright flashing lights in the sky and as I looked up I saw the same thing. We noticed a bright red light in the front with large white lights around it all flashing at the same time, but not in unison. We noticed that the red light seemed to be the most predominant, which is why it was spotted so easily by us. I said to my wife, “let’s see if we can catch up to it”. Much to our surprise, we did catch up to it.......and realized that this was no plane - this was something we had never seen before - it was a flat craft!! As we closed in on it so fast, we realized that it was stationary. At this point, we knew it was not a plane or weather balloon and was definitely something we hadn’t seen before. When we got right under it, we determined that the object was flat, about 400 feet above us, the size of a 1500 square foot house and completely silent - no noise whatsoever. It was gun metal black with lights flashing all around. There were six sides to the object, flat bottom and top and at this point I could see the image as clear as day. Traffic was light and we were able to have a really good look at this object. At this point we became convinced that this was a UFO. Wow! We were overwhelmed what we are watching this ship. It stood alone with nothing in the sky around it. By now, we had been observing for about five minutes. Unfortunately, we did not have a camera. I said to my wife, “we are less than a minute from home, let’s go get the binoculars” - which we did. As we drove away from it, we could see the back end of the object and it had lights flashing all around it. It seemed to flash in the sequence “white, white, red” and repeated this. We got the binoculars (we got home and back to the spot in about two minutes) and we noted that the object had moved south of highway 15. We pursued it down Symington Road and spotted it again. At this point, it was further from us. We got out of our truck and observed it from the road. It was a greater distance from us at this point. Looking through the binoculars, we determined it was the same object with very bright lights moving at a speed faster than anything we have seen in the sky. It accelerated and in seconds it moved up and away and was gone from our sight. We feel privileged enough to witness this object stationary for five minutes and very fortunate to watch it accelerate across the sky. We talked about it all night and told the rest of our family. We have read your books and articles and have seen you on various t.v shows and feel that you are the one to contact with respect to this sighting."

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Update January 2015

The following was shared with us in an email:

"I saw the very same thing in October of 2009. It was hovering so low over top of me to the point where I could hit it with a low powered BB gun (as an example). It floated very slowly with 0 sound at about 330 am near the west perimeter hwy.  There were no intoxicants involved as I simply couldn't sleep that night. Was the most amazing thing I'd ever seen. I would compare it to the likes of the millennium falcon of the star wars movies (more curved front but slight back angles that would light up - as you said with the intermittent red). I Saw it again last night (dec 29th 2014). I noticed it outside my balcony door. I now live right beside the air force base and when I saw it, it was directly overtop of it (whytewold @ saskatchewan ave??) at a 45 d angle. From my vantage point it was probably rising and turning around (from the AFB) because it went straight east after that ( over or around the airport....). I figured it was a military craft in 09 and that strengthens my guess. Definitely technology the public isn't made aware of which is amazing. And we're talking about 5 years ago....  In Canada..."


Our thanks to our reader for sharing this information with us.