British Columbia

The witness writes:

"Lived at an old logging camp outside of Sooke BC. One dusk, heard strange vibrational sounds, almost inaudible, felt more then heard. Boyfriend and I went to check it out before it got dark. Were able to come up to it by climbing a small dune maybe 30', and looking over and across a empty timber landing, what we saw I'll never forget. What appears to be a huge, at the time i said the length of a football field, 200' long "cigar" shaped "craft" of some dark metallic material with dim lights and what appears as darkened windows?? They were absolutely no people, cars trucks or any sign of life other then this craft that appears to be hovering just above the earth, no wind, same low vibrational sounds but louder. We were not there a minute when a blinding light came at us, I though it was a single beam. It scared the shit out of me, i  immediately ducked from the light,as only my head was above the sand dune. My friend seemed to memorizes and I had to jerk his leg to get his attention, i said lets run home and we did. One neighbor told us the military does something up there?? The next morning at dawn i rushed over, and even though i was leaving footprints, I could not find one physical sign of what we saw, it did not leave a mark. My friend and I broke up soon after this and i just recently talked to him, last six months, and as bizarre as it sounds he actually claims to have no memory of this, even though he did remember the neighbors comment??This is all too eerie, I have no explanation. I did have a dream once though where some entity was trying to take "my memories", and i stubbornly stood my ground and said "you will never take my memories from me". What the hell is going on. I swear this is the gods truth about what I saw. I'm more concerned now that he has no memory, I always figured when I spoke to him, I would have confirmation, not denial. That light was the harshest penetrating blinding light I have ever been subjected to, and if I couldn't duck i'm sure i would have been blinded. I have no explanations for what I saw that night so long ago now.... You can't even get there now, Anderson Road, at end sign says "no trespassing, will be shot' or something like that, never seen such a strongly worded "keep out" sign"

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