British Columbia

The witness writes:

Location: Bear Mountain, Langford, Victoria, BC, Canada Date: June 12 2010 Time: 12:55pm Number of witnesses: 1 Number of objects: 1 Shape of objects: Long cylindrical (cigar) shape Weather Conditions: Clear and sunny


Description: I noticed a flying vehicle in the sky after finishing off some work we had to do to the house we've been building. It was long smooth and cylindrical (cigar) shaped. Metallic (resembling stainless steel) with no visible markings, windows, doors, wings, or even a means of propulsion. It was completely silent cruising at a consistent direction, altitude and speed. It seemed to be traveling much faster than any planes I've ever seen. I watched it travel from one horizon to the other in a matter of 20 seconds or so. I presume it was not man made. If in fact it is a man made craft (unlikly) then such a vehicle is not public knowledge. Using Google Earth I determined the object was traveling in a North Westerly direction. What's strange is that it must have flew over the city (Victoria) but I haven't found any reports from the news/radio/paper. Victoria is a harbour city and locals are used to seeing the float planes that frequent our skies here, but they can easily be identified. This was without a doubt something very different. It's size and shape was comparable to the fuselage (main body) of a large airplane. If I hold a penny at arms length it was approx. the same size as that penny in the distance when it was closet to me (the most visible). When I first noticed the object I kept repeating "What is that?" aloud so someone else would notice the object. I got a roofers attention who was standing near me and no matter how hard he looked for it he didn't seem to see it. I was confused because it stood out against the clear blue sky and should have easily been seen. I was standing next to him pointing right at it as it darted away beyond the horizon and he shrugged it off and said "Heh, it must be aliens". 


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