British Columbia

Vernon,  British Columbia  November 11th 2008 approx. 12.30am


My husband and I went outside on our balcony at approximately 12:30 am to have a cigarette on November the 11th.  We looked South at Middleton mountain and noticed this object. Its lights were bright white which then turned to red and then briefly turned to blue.  Oddly the light patterns were mostly red and white.  At one point there was a red beam shining down onto the mountainside. There was a cow mooing for the duration and the winds really picked up around us. I have never heard a cow moo this way before. This lasted for about a good minute or two that we noticed and don't know how long it was there before. My husband grabbed the video camera, but the object vanished in a heartbeat!

Our thanks to the witness for sharing this experience with us.