Experiences that do not easily fit into other categories

Written by Sue St Clair

We received the following report in December 2013, however the event occurred many years ago:

"My name is (removed for privacy).  I've lived in one of the most isolated dwellings in the mountains of Pennsylvania for 38 years.  For the most part I involve myself in religious studies.  Recently I related an experience I had many years ago to a friend who then googled and found your website.

I'm not drawn by curiosity, nor am I in search of a novel experience.  Often I spent my years barefoot and practicing interior prayer.  The hollow is a very protected place.  It's length is owned by a number of affluent families who basically keep people out.  At any rate I was walking down this hollow along the stream,  my mind was somewhat silent which I think had a lot to do with having had the experience.    I was about 5 or more feet above the stream bed and to my left I saw 2 somewhat humanoid creatures sitting on a log that had fallen across the stream.  I was clearly aware of them before they became aware of me and in the instant they realized I was there, the one sitting closest to me turned instantly into a frog and leapt into the water.  The one sitting to his left was clearly confused and mildly panicked.  In trying to choose his best avenue of escape I watched him morph through 3 animal forms in the span of seconds.  a frog a mouse and finally as a small bird he flew a small circle and disappeared under the bank  Were I an artist I could easily sketch these two entities.  They never stood completely erect but I estimate they were between  9 and 12 inches high Their skin was leathery and brown.  Their noses were long and large in proportion to their frame.  Naked or clothed ???? I cannot say either.

I know what I saw.  And I saw them as clearly as I see anything.   However I don't expect ever to see such things again and I'm sure a search would be futile.  I saw them morph with my eyes and that explains a lot of how they might exist along side us"

Our thanks goes out to the witness for sharing this experience with us. If you have seen something similar, or have experienced something that you believe may be paranormal please contact us at admin@psican.org or fill out our reporting form Your privacy will be protected and confidentiality is assured.