The witness indicates the following occurred outside of Millet on highway 2a before Pipestone creek southbound in December around 12:30 am

"It was snowing late at night, three of us in a truck traveling on Highway 2a going to Hobbema from Edmonton. Hardly any traffic, before Pipestone creek we saw a hitchhiker on the right. As he came closer we could see him clearly, He had on a buckskin jacket with fringes, a white t-shirt and blue jeans.He had shoulder length light-brown hair, possibly Metis,with straight white teeth. As he got closer he was see-thru...still with his thumb out. As we passed him he Jumped out in front of the truck. Mouth open an screaming.We swerved to avoid hitting him an stopped. We exited the truck to investigate. We saw no one. With fresh snow falling we only saw our tire tracks our own footprints an no other tracks or footprints as if there had been no hitchhiker."

Our thanks to the witness for sharing this experience with us. Our affiliate group in Alberta is currently looking into this report. Have you experienced something that you think might be paranormal in Alberta? Can you add any further information to this report? If so please do contact us at Your privacy will be protected, and confidentiality is assured.


Update November 2013:

"I experienced a very similar situation north of millet on hwy 625 east of Beaumont at 4:30am on my way home from work in the spring of this year 2013 . I was going east on hwy 625 approx 3kms east of beaumount when I saw someone walking west hitchhiking when I got close he just leapt at my truck screaming I swerved to miss him then stopped to say something to him but there was no one there . I got a little freaked out and call the beaumount rcmp to tell them what had happened . I've travelled this hwy everyday back and fourth work and have never seen him again since. the description in the phantom hitchhiker millett Alberta story is almost a match to a tee but the guy I saw had a brown hooded jacket on."

Our thanks goes out to the witness for sharing this experience with us. It takes much courage to do so and we appreciate it.  If you have seen something similar, can add further information to this report, or have experienced something that you believe may be a haunting in Canada please contact us at or fill out our reporting form Your privacy will be protected and confidentiality is assured.