Ghosts, Hauntings & Related Phenomena

Written by PSICAN Staff Writer

We received this report in November 2009. It is so wonderful to receive ones like the following that hold what seems to be good memories, and a genuinely comforting presence for those involved. It is actually very common for people to receive "visits" from those they loved, and who have passed on.

"My husband, daughter, & I were sitting in the kitchen in the morning/early afternoon when we heard music playing softly in the house.  It sounded like radio music..we checked the entire house and opened doors/windows to see if it was someone passing by or if it was a neighbor playing music loud enough for us to hear.  It wasn't.The three of us remembered that when we were building our house my father would listen to the music on his radio.  He's been gone for 9+ years now; this didn't start to happen until my mother sold the house that he built for them.  We believe he's with us in our home.One day about the same time, my daughter & I heard the music and again checked the house for where it was coming from...couldn't find one...we assume its my father letting us know he's with us.  Its comforting in some ways.

My mother said he was with her as well..crazy little things like moving the sugar bowl & coffee from one location to another. She had her place for things but he had his and he would always move it in life & even in death.

Again, his presence was comforting to her.  I think his presence moved to our house after she sold the house.  My father was particularly attached to the homes he built especially the ones he lived in or visited. He put his "blood" in some cases and sweat into them.

We miss him dearly."

Our thanks to the witness for sharing these experiences with us, and our readers. It is our hope with reports such as these that others who are experiencing similar things will find some comfort in knowing they are not alone, and that others also experience these types of phenomena. If you have experienced something similar please contact us at Your privacy will be protected, and confidentiality is assured.