Written by PSICAN Staff Writer

ALL modern day ghost hunters are indebted to Dr Hans Holzer. His first book The Ghost Hunter was published in 1963, and was reprinted 11 times. He went on to publish over 100 more books on paranormal subjects, and became the leading authority on ghosts, & hauntings in North America if not the world. 

A wonderful article about Dr Hans Holzer, and his incredible life has been written by his daughter Alexandra Holzer who is also a ghost hunter. You can read The Crossing of An Original Modern-Day Pioneering Ghost Hunter Who Broke The Haunted Barriers by clicking on the link.

Dr Holzer was 89 years of age at the time he died on April 26th 2009.

Thank you Dr Holzer for helping to pave the way.

"I never met a ghost I didn't like!" 

-Dr. Hans Holzer