Written by PSICAN Editorial Staff

(January 2017)

Hello and thank you for your interest in volunteering or helping out with us here at PSICAN.

Sadly, with our continuing reorganisation, we are no longer offering any volunteer positions or any sort and as a completely non-funded not-for-profit, we have never been able to offer terms of paid employment.

This may change in the distant future (we cannot offer "notifications" or information beyond this in any way, shape, or form,) but right now, there are no plans to change this status.

We are still an active organisation with research, articles, and information provided by our standing partners and associates, but we are not currently seeking any more help or assistance.

We don't wish to dismiss or otherwise downplay anyone's interest in these subjects and do ask you to either consider finding other groups or organisations or even independently working and sharing information with everyone interested in these subjects.

Thank you again for your interest.