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PLEASE NOTE: None of the PSICAN sites offer guaranteed or confirmed investigations or psychical help. We do read all submissions and respond in fashion to those that request feedback, but we do not offer 'ghost hunting' or clearings/cleansings/readings of any sort. We do occasionally work with independent researchers and investigators who MAY (if you state it's acceptable below,) contact you for a follow up and potentially something on-site, but PSICAN groups do not offer any guarantees of this sort. Our sites are only documentarians of the paranormal. Thank you for your understanding in these matters.

"Orb", "mist", or "vortex" photos showing ghosts of any sort should not be offered or submitted. Sadly, the possibilities of these images being man made or mistaken natural phenomena is too high and our resources are too limited to look into or at them. Thank you!

Ghosts and Hauntings Reporting Form

GHRS/ParaResearchers/PSICAN Form...

Do you have a report that's happened within Canada? Do you wish to tell us about it or even request more information about something that's happened to you or someone you know? Although we might not be able to provide answers, your report is vital to our work and would appreciate it very much if you could take a few minutes to fill out the form below...


#1: PSICAN and it's groups are documentarians ONLY. We are looking into the causation and information about these experiences from a neutral oberservational point of view. We do not offer "psychical" help or "clearings/cleansings". We do not work with psychics or sensitives as a "front line" investigative tool and cannot offer any sort of "communications" or similar forms of help.

#2: If you request an investigation (not mandatory for this form,) please be aware that we cannot investigate or visit a site where the owner, caretaker, or manager do not give us express permission to visit. Not all reports can be investigated for various reasons. (If this is true for you, and you request a follow-up communications, we will explain why if we cannot look into what you wish us to.)

#3: If you are 15 (fifteen) years of age or under, Canadian Law states that we cannot communicate with you unless you have parental consent. As per the amendment to The Canadian Criminal Code, Bill C-22, Section 172.1(1)(c)

#4: Please note that after filling out this form, it can take up to ten business days for a response if one is/was requested.

Please remember: Your information is safe, secure, and private with us. We don't sell, give away, or make public ANY information without express permission to do so. We also do not use or sell any information to "spammers" or marketers. Your privacy and security and most importantly, your comfort are our paramount concern.


Are you hoping for some sort of psychical communications assistance or "clearing/cleansing" help from our group?

If yes, click here please.
If no, please carry on with this form as is...

Is this a personal experience or are you reporting someone else's experiences?

My own experience
Some one else's
Both - My own and other's experiences

Was this experience specific to a site/building/area?

Maybe - See details

What province did the main experience happen in? (We are Canadian and may not respond to forms and reports from outside Canada.)

What major city/town is closest to where this happened?

Did this experience happen in the above mentioned city/town?


If not, please specify where it happened (town/township/county/etc.)

Were you the only witnesses or the only person who experienced this?

Not sure

If yes (or not sure and applicable,) how many other witnesses were/are there?

One other person
Less than five
More than five
Not sure

Was this an event that happened indoors or outdoors... or does that matter?

Both indoors and outdoors
Doesn't matter

Please select below those options that best describe what you experienced or that you know has been experienced particular to this site/event that you feel might have been unexplainable.

Something was seen
Something was heard
Something was moved
Something was smelt
Something was felt (Physical)
Something was sensed

When/What Time did this event happen?

Very Early Morning
Late Morning
Early Afternoon
Late Afternoon
Early Evening
Late Evening
None Specific/Happens all the time

If you know exactly (or reasonably approximately) what time this happened, please tell us below...

What was the date when this happened? (If not applicable, please let us know... if "seasonal", just type in the season or time.)

On a scale of 1 through 10, (ten being the strongest) how 'powerful' was this experience for you or those who you're reporting for?

Were you actively looking for an experience or phenomena? (On a tour or doing an investigation?)

Aware of the ghost stories, but not looking.

Did the experience harm you physically or have a person physical affect on you or the (other) witness(es)?

Not sure
Not Physical but Emotional

Are you or the person(s) you're reporting for hoping for a resolution to this in terms of an explanation or "clearing"? PLEASE REMEMBER: If you select "Yes" below, YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE AN ANSWER THROUGH THIS FORM. PSICAN does not offer clearings, cleansings, or psychical 'services'. We are documentarians only.

Not sure

Was this event/experience current or ongoing? (Current is within the last six months.)

Yes - Within the last six months
Yes - Ongoing

Are you the current owner, tenant, manager or otherwise in possession legally of the site (if applicable) to where the experience happened?

Not applicable

Do you consider yourself psychic or sensitive?


Do you believe that the event or experience was a communication or trying to communicate?


Have you attempted or done any of the following (please click/select the applicable...)

Capture the phenomena on film/Digital

Capture the phenomena on tape/digital audio

Capture the phenomena on video

Contact/Communicate with the phenomena via a device (pendulum/ouija board/etc.)

Contact/Communicate with the phenomena via psychical means (medium or psychic)

Clear the area in some fashion (Clearing, Blessing, Exorcising or Smudging)

Historical research on the site/area

Contacted another group about the experience (not GHRS, ParaResearchers or PSICAN)

Done a complete sweep for a natural answer to what's going on

Studied books and/or websites about similar situations

None of the above

If you tried anything above, how succesful was it in your opinion?

Very Succesful
Somewhat Successful
Not Successful
Not Applicable
Some efforts have been successful, some have not

Please briefly explain what the original experience was (please limit to 550 words or less)...

If you've done any study or have a hypothesis/idea of what (or who) might be causing these events, please briefly explain below (please limit to 300 words or less)...

Have you paid out any money(s) for assistance or help with this problem to any source?


Do you wish us to follow up with this report (contact you towards more study)?


If there isn't a PSICAN related group near you and you wish to have a follow up, would you be comfortable with us passing any information on to a trusted non-PSICAN group or investigator(s)?

Only if you contact me first

Please note: Although we will try our best to find groups and investigators we trust, we cannot be held responsible for any actions or issues that may arise from any person, organisation, or group that is outside of PSICAN or it's daughter groups (those being Torontoghosts, Ontarioghosts, ParaResearchers, and the Canadian GHRS groups.) By selecting "Yes" or "Only if you contact me first" above, you acknowledge this situation and will not hold PSICAN responsible for the actions of any groups outside of the immediate PSICAN family of groups and researchers/investigators (mentioned above).

If you are the current tenant, owner, manager or otherwise in possession of the site(s) where these events/experience happened, would you be open to a visit from our team?

Perhaps - Need details from us about possible visit

PERSONAL INFORMATION: Please note, we do not sell, give out, or otherwise release any personal information to any parties. The information is for PSICAN group use only and will not be given out under any circumstance beyond our own teams unless otherwise specified. (See below.) We will never "spam" you or sell/give your information out to marketers or spammers or anyone else that will contact you with unsolicited information.

You do not need to fill out the information below, but if you wish to be contacted for a follow-up, please ensure your name and e-mail address (at least) are filled in.



If not entering your age, please let us know if you're over 18 years of age...

Yes - I am over 18 years of age.
No - I am younger than 18 years of age.

Address (Street):

Address (E-mail):

Phone number with Areacode (Daytime):

Phone number with Areacode (Evening):

We cannot guarantee a phone call. Our preferred method of contact is e-mail. If using only your phone number, we cannot guarantee any contact will be made so please, use e-mail first.

Are you comfortable with this information (above) being entered into our offline (non-public) database of phenomena and experiences with ghosts and hauntings?


Are you comfortable with us possibly using this information later on for reports or statistical analysis that may be put online on our site? (Please note: Exact addresses, contact information and names are never released publicly.)


Did you wish to contact you on behalf of other users/readers with possible correlating information? (We do not give out any contact information, but should someone else report something that's similar to your report, we would contact you on that person's behalf to possibly allow for an exchange of communications with you and the "new" person... if you wish... but your contact information would remain private unless you request at that time for it to be given to the said "new" person.)


Would you be interested in any live seminars about similar experiences and wish us to contact you when they come up?


Would you like to participate in any private, online discussions of similar experiences and events and let us contact you about them should they come up?


Are you interested in becoming an investigator or researcher in the paranormal in general? (Would require us to contact you later with information...)

I'm already an investigator or researcher with another group or as an independent.


It normally takes about seven days for us to respond to these reports, but we will try to respond as soon as possible.

Unfortunately, in some regions of Canada, we don't have local investigators and researchers so on-site visits and Inquiry may not be possible at the present time, but we will offer any and all support via e-mail and through other channels that we can.

To repeat again, we do not offer clearings, cleansings, or psychical services of any sort. If you have asked for a clearing, you may not receive an answer to this form OR will receive an automated response with a link - - and an apology for not being able to help more. THIS IS TRUE FOR ANY REQUESTS.

Also, in some cases, Inquiry and visits may be difficult or impossible in certain situations. We will try and meet any needs or requests, but sometimes are unable to schedule meetings or perform any Inquiry in certain situations. If you've requested this, the investigator/researcher will let you know via e-mail if an on-site or visit is possible.

PLEASE NOTE Once you click "Submit", the screen will go white and show your answers. This means the form was sent properly. We DON'T use any "auto-responder" to let you know it's been sent properly (we respond personally within seven days) so please, unless you see an error, only send the form ONCE. When you're done, PLEASE use the BACK button on your browser to return to this page and exit this form with the links provided or via your browser.

PLEASE REMEMBER AGAIN: We do not offer house clearing, psychical, or 'ghost busting' services. We are documenatarians only. We do not guarantee an in-person or on-site visit to homes, sites, or people due to potential logistical problems or other considerations. Decisions to extend anything beyond e-mail are up to the individual PSICAN investigators/researchers looking into your report. THANK YOU in advance for your understanding.

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