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On October 1, while sitting on a balcony in the late evening, the witness saw what appeared to be an elongated object with two lights, one blue and the other greenish yellow. Trying to make sense of this observation, the witness considered the possibility that this object might be a satellite. That interpretation was abandoned when they noticed the object moving in multiple directions. The object's position was roughly to the east in the dark sky.

On the following night October 2, French TV station TVA captured a celestial object while filming a live segment, blocks away from the October 1 sighting. While some suggest the object filmed is mundane in nature, perhaps a meteorite, the witness of the October 1 sighting, having seen the footage, remarked how the colour of the object matched closely that of one of the lights they had seen. 

UFOs sightings reports above downtown Montreal are fairly rare, though it is interesting to note that these sightings are in the general area of the much publicized Place Bonaventure incident of 1990.

TVA footage

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