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Written by Stu Finlay

 View of the Place Bonaventure convention center


Perhaps the most famous UFO sighting in Quebec’s history happened in Montreal on November 7, 1990.

A women was swimming in the (presumably heated) rooftop swimming pool atop the 17 floor Place Bonaventure hotel. She noticed a round object in the sky emitting beams of light.

Soon after the police, a journalist, the RCMP, the military and NASA were informed. The sighting lasted almost 3 hours, from 7:20 pm to 10:10 pm.

This caught the interest of Bernard Guénette, a UFO researcher in Montreal.

In 1992, he and Dr. Richard Haines, a former NASA scientist, published a report on the incident. In conclusion, the report claims that "evidence for the existence of a highly unusual, hovering, silent large object is indisputable." The size of the object was estimated to be about 540 meters wide.

Some have suggested that the object was, in fact, the northern lights, This explanation is borderline silly, as Montreal is well known for it’s light pollution, which make chances of glimpsing the northern lights in the central business district of Montreal very low.

Also, the alleged phenomena in the sighting is quite different from the northern lights.

More than likely, the northern lights explanation is a lazy attempt to debunk the sighting.

The sighting remains a mystery.


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View of the Place Bonaventure convention center

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