Stonewall Manitoba, UFO Report March 2015 Black Sphere


Black Sphere

Image used to give an idea of what is being reported only.

UFO details report: I can't remember the exact date, approx early March, 2015. I was driving home early from work in Winnipeg to Stonewall. I was on Winfield rd (garbage dump road) at about 3:30 mid day. It was very windy and I noticed a low commercial jet over Stoney Mountain (hwy7) which I thought was strangely low, but likely because of the wind. As I approached highway 236 I noticed another low object that I initially thought was another low plane. It came over 236 towards me then north over a field to my right. I then thought, not plane but helicopter? I slowed and thought about taking a pic but didn't. There was a car behind me about a km that must have seen it as well. It was a dark grey and black ball I'd say about 12-15 feet across. The sun reflected off its surface in spots and it was only maybe 80-100 feet off the ground. I remember trying to convince myself it was a helicopter, but no tail, no rotors, and no skids. When I stopped at 236 and turned right towards town I looked back over the field and could not see it. It was just in the middle of the field not moving fast but now gone. I didn't really tell anyone about it for a few days but now that I think about it I think I saw so sing that can't be explained. I tried to Google stuff like black ball UFO to see if anyone else has seen similar stuff but have not turned up anything. That's how I found this site actually.


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