Winnipeg Manitoba August 2nd 2014 Approx 11:20pm

The witness writes:

"this was last night, Aug. 2 - here in Wpg. I'm in the south end of town, 1/2 a Km or so from the U of M campus (Ft Richmond area). I stepped out last night for a cigar, about 11:20. Shortly after I got outside, I saw a light appear slightly south of me, and head north. It was about as bright as the stars in the handle of the Big Dipper, but showed no sign of a tail. It moved with some decent speed, covering about three "feet" of distance (arms length measure) in 8 to 10 seconds. As it was moving in a straight line, I didn't really think much of it, and at its good speed, I lost sight of it in the light pollution over the city. I was almost finished my cigar, when in saw three more lights appear in about the same location as the first light. They were in a triangular formation, and seemed to be taking the same path as the first light. They were also of about the same brightness, and moving with about the same speed. However, shortly after I caught sight of them, the 'formation' began to change. The three lights began swirling around each other like the "3 shell" con game! They still maintained their flight path, but continued to loop around each other as they flew along. The really unusual thing about this grouping though, part way along their path northward, the formation made a sweeping curve to the east! If they had continued straight, I likely would have just considered it "unusual lights in the sky" - but as they changed direction, they seemed to be moving under guidance of some kind. The speed of their 'swirling' movements, and the relative quickness of their turn, lead me to believe these weren't human piloted objects. They could have been drones of some kind perhaps, but even the swirling speed seemed too fast for any type of drones I've seen on the news. A most unusual experience! I've seen lights streak across the night sky before, but they usually show a tail - a comet, or meteor, or space junk, burning up as it re-enters the atmosphere, or skims across its surface. However, that's not what these lights seemed to be last night. Just thought I'd pass along the report in case anyone else had made a similar sighting."

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