Winnipeg Manitoba, February 14th 2012 8:56pm


The witness writes:

"I was watching TV in my third-floor condo living room in my usual easy chair which faces my southeast-facing patio doors and windows.  There is a flight path coming from the east and south over my condo and every night I see the planes going from east and south, heading west and north.  Occasionally I can hear the drone of the engines.I was looking at the TV when I suddenly saw a very, very large round brilliant red light appear over the rooftop of the condo building next door (three-storey).  I'm not very good at distance, but I'm guessing the peak of the roof where it appeared over is about a hundred feet away from me.My first reaction was, What the heck is that?!  My second reaction was that it looked like a huge comet with no tail.  My third reaction was that someone must be lighting fireworks, and I fully expected this thing to shoot straight up and flare out like a fireworks display.  Instead, I realized with amazement that it was moving horizontally towards my building.  Relative to the altitude of the usual planes I see, this was very low -- at least 2/3 lower, if not even less.  If it had been a plane, I would have been very nervous about its height. Sorry, can't be more precise than that; it just all happened too fast.I immediately jumped up and ran to the patio door and opened it, but the thing was moving so fast I didn't even have time to step out onto the balcony before I lost sight of it due to my balcony roof overhead.  It travelled in a straight line and made no sound at all.I went and sat back down, trying to absorb what I'd seen and wondering about it.  I resumed sort of watching TV again, when about 3 or 4 minutes later another, identical object appeared in the same place and did exactly as the first one did.  This time I jumped up immediately and was able to get right outside onto my balcony and look straight up at it as it moved overhead. It was perhaps the size of a very large pumpkin seed when it was overhead, and while it had appeared quite round when I first noticed it -- about the size of a rounded typewriter key -- in the distance, as it came overhead it appeared to perhaps be a bit oval.  I tried to discern a shape outside of the lights, but all I could discern was perhaps a sort of amorphous blackness surrounding the red light.  The sky was too dark to make out any more than that and it was only directly over my head for a couple of seconds, not enough time to observe more than that impression.The red light was very, very bright and steady, not flashing, not strobing, and it was not glow-ey or hazy, but sharp-looking, almost like the difference between sheet lightning and bolt lightning.  When it came right overhead, I thought I could perhaps see a very, very tiny white glow in the middle.I know one thing for sure -- it wasn't a darn plane!"

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