On Larry King Live last night radar expert Glen Schulze and Robert Powell, MUFON Director of Research released their findings concerning UFOs in the Stephenville Texas area in January 2008. The 77 page report is replete with data received from the FAA, National Weather Service, nearby military bases and other official sources.

Among the expert analysis of the data received by the investigators from official sources, charts and radar data clearly show the track of an unidentified non-military craft with no transponder beacon vectoring towards Crawford Texas, the location of the Bush Ranch – also known as the Western White House.

What does the report include?

- Data from the FAA

- Witness summary reports

- Over two dozen graphs and charts depicting craft movements and locations

- FOIA requests by the authors

- Responses by FOIA officials

- Denials by military officials of any existing information

- Blacked out US Air Force pilot flightlogs from 457th NASJRB Ft. Worth Tx.

- FTW Antenna Chart showing Skin-Paint Returns from 2.8 million data returns

- The unusual admission by military officials that they were “unaware of any activity in the area” while complex FAA radar configurations picked up massive data of unidentified craft,

…and much more for the interested reader.

The significance of this report and its implication is nothing less than astounding – as it verifies the existence of craft of unknown origin operating in controlled air space without the knowledge of the America military. Furthermore, it is implicit and thus evident by the response of military officials that they were helpless or at least lacked any significant management of the entire series of events during the period of the air activity.

Therefore this radar report clarifies four important issues:

It supports the eye-witness testimony of many Stephenville residents who saw what has now been proven to have actually occurred.

The report addresses and dispels on-going critique by critics that no available, substantive or scientific data indicating anything of interest concerning the reality of UFOs exists.

The radar report clearly demonstrates that there are in fact unknown craft with superior flight capabilities far beyond known technology operating and moving at will within controlled air space, thus demonstrating that it appears our most sophisticated craft and military monitoring devices are ineffective in dealing with the phenomenon.

Only two possibilities now remain. These craft are either highly sophisticated secret human technology or they are craft from off-world origins. In either case – each possibility is an enigma and the skeptics and military are running short of explanations.

This entire series of events and the depth of the report raise another serious and as yet unanswered question: “Considering the proximity of the craft to controlled air space near the Bush property, is there any access to information that NORAD or other missile launch control centres were placed on alert during this period?”

Our thanks to Exopolitics Toronto for providing this information.

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