"On October 13, 2011 my wife and were on board the Carnival Glory, a cruise ship headed back to New York City. We had just left Halifax, Nova Scotia and had only been out to sea for about two or three hours. Just after dinner my wife and I returned to our cabin. It was about 9:00 PM and I went out onto our balcony to have a cigarette. It was dark and kind of cold and all I could see was the ocean next to the ship. All of a sudden a flying craft of some sort emerged from the darkness and flew right past us heading north. The shape appeared to be like an elongated oval with pointed ends. The entire incident only took about five seconds. I wasn't nervous or scared because it all happened so quickly and I didn't have any time to figure out what I was looking at. The craft didn't appear to have any lights on and was only about 200 feet away and I am guessing it was about 150 feet above the water. It didn't make any sound at all either. When it reached the back of the ship it angled down like it was going to go into the water but swerved instead around the back of the ship. At least that's what it looked like to me. The reason I was able to see it was because our ship was lit up so well and the craft reflected the light from the ship but the light reflecting off the craft was pretty dull but light enough to see that it looked metallic. I waited at least 20 minutes more before going in to tell my wife hoping it would come back. What I saw happened so quickly that I started questioning myself because I have never witnessed anything like it in my life. I have always believed in UFO's but have never claimed to see one before. Whatever this was it was impressive and I feel very lucky to have witnessed it. I doubt I'll ever be this lucky again because this was up close and personal and not just a point of light in the distant sky. I was hoping to see other reports from passengers or crew but it never happened as far as I know. All these people on the ship and I was the only one to see it? With the time of night and the weather conditions like they were I can see where nobody else saw it. When we got home to Las Vegas I reported it to MUFON and to the National UFO Reporting Center. I should have done the same on the ship but didn't for fear of ridicule and at the time I was still a bit confused as to what I just saw. I want to be clear that I am a natural born skeptic. I am a lifelong Atheist and I do not believe in ghosts or fortune tellers and that sort of nonsense. All I know is what I witnessed and it had to be either super high technology from this planet or alien technology. Bottom line is that I feel lucky to have seen it. I am 57 years old and have never made a similar claim. It's important to know that I may have never seen this thing at all had it been farther from our ship as I don't think it was using any internal lights, just the glow from the lights on our cruise ship. On a final note this incident has changed me in a way. I now know that noiseless flying crafts are here for real."

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