"I have been googling this all week to see if anyone saw what I saw on July 16, 2011.  I saw something very similar to the Niagara Region reports of red lights in the sky in was about 10:15 and I was driving up my street (I live in East Aurora NY USA) and saw what I thought were the remnants of fireworks in the southeast sky.  I lost sight of them due to a tall pine forest and I assumed they would have dissipated and fallen to earth by the time I reached the top of the hill, but I was astounded to find them still there, unchanged.  There were maybe 7 to 10 lights, maybe more and they were in the shape of a huge V low in the sky, visible just above tree level. (the whole formation was about the size of the Big Dipper, the lights were a little bigger than the stars.)  The point of the V was facing west.  It was a clear, starry night and nearly a full moon, although the moon hadn't risen yet.  There was no blinking beacon light or green lights like you would expect on aircraft. The lights were a glowing red/orange and didn't appear to move while I watched from the end of my driveway for nearly 5 minutes.  I noticed a jet in the sky flying northeast which is unusual for my area, they usually pass over my house heading west or WNW to the airport or head east after take off.  The jet appeared to fly past the uppermost light.

The lights began to move toward the NE and then one by one disappeared, all in the same position in the sky.  I thought it has to be impossible that I would be the only one to see them so I posted it on my facebook status and one of my friends saw the exact same thing, but in North Carolina!  She saw them there about midnight and said her family was on their porch watching the lights for several minutes.  I emailed but haven't heard anything."
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